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Fruity loops (Duh), Skiing, Snapple!

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Student. Brah.

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but i looove your sonngs (btw first comment)

I'm working on my EP track and thats about it for a while. Just not in the mood currently.


In any case your working on Melo 23?
Because i love that song ;).
To bad you'r in a shitty mood, im to now -.- because you dont make any new songs =/.

Gl, D4NG3R

wow that really sux. it happened to me before and i was in some shitty mood also. u must hav felt rly well in the time u were loved. like ur life cant get any better. i saw u changed ur profile info. i know wat happened. u take all the time u need to grief. ur songs were amazing. maybe it was comin the whole time. maybe it was SHE who brough u insperation on ur songs. just keep trying and maybe something might happen. if u rly want her back then go. but if u don't care about a thing anymore, i don't know =/. ur still a great person no matter wat.

but did u notice something? ................................... the world hasn't come to an end.

Well, fortunately it's all been sorted out sort of. We're back together now so everything is K!


Im sorry dud, hope you get better soon

and if it happens to take you a long time ill just let you know ill miss you songs =(

anyways I think you alrady know must of the people who know you (at least through NG) are with you, k ?

Yay more EnV songs. Now IM feeling better. lol

I am too 8D

im glad ur together. now start snappin!!!!!!! XD

I'd say you take a nice, relaxing, break and just have fun. And besides, it's not like we've been waiting for another song or anything... jk, great songs but i must say you might wanna make a Christmas song, just to get in the season :P


Heh I just love conversing with great music artists...

oh yea envy i forgot to ask. do u still hav that writer's block with u cause if u still do then that is the longest writer's block i hav ever heard of XD

Not really, now I'm just lazy XD

XD ha ha.................lazy..........

Lol it's too much work now! But I'll do things at my leisure.

hey its colb, your new song Chaoz Fantasy RMX is amazing! By far your best song yet. call me we gotta hang out soon XD

Why do you use bills account XD


welcome back

Hmm.... no more girls k? Just me XD

mmm of course I love you!

love the music glad your better. you almost make me wanna pay too listen to your music... i said almost..... <.< >.> .... yaaaaaaaaaaa.

damn! My plan foiled again!

w00t i love ur songs man ;).. keep it up .. hehe.. and walla .. if ya got time brow then please hear something of my music =)..

(gangster letter) hehe

fl studio is so amatuerish. i used it before and i still do but if you want a professional program then use reason.

All a matter of opinion... How is it amateurish? Cause it's relatively easy to use? That doesn't make it amateurish...

Omg! Does this mean that you're gonna finish Jump? ;D

Probably not >8(