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That was really cool... I play cs a lot so that was really cool to hear... Cant really say much else besides cool...

StealthBeast responds:

Mad cool lol. Thanks for ur tens! Thanks for the review! Sorry for taking so long to respond. I'm drowning in reviews right now.

it was alright

The humor was a little... well corny with the banana and all but it did have some good points. hoping to see part 2


As karmax said this is a great movie and those dumbshits that vote bad on it have no idea what theyre talking about... For that one guy who was talking about the queen latifa thing... you must be a dumbass to spell scenes as seens hahaha maybe you should go back to gradeschool dipshit.

Good movie tho


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Would have been great but...

Tick tock is 100% OP.

Seriously. Unless you have 9,000,000 health what are you supposed to do? I keep shielding my guys but it lasts 10 turns... Thats a bit BS dude, it's bad enough the baron has as much health as he does but to make tick tock so OP...

Good but

For some reason this game was incredibly frustrating. Maybe make an aimer instead of the mouse pointer. It was frustrating me for some reason cause it felt like I was just clicking aimlessly.


Newgrounds is one messed up place.. All these people asking to add screams in... It's one thing to pretend to torture someone... Another to desire it to be more realistic.

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I got the notification from an audio forum reply and was like "wat."

Pretty cool yo, and with a catchy ass melody to boot.

Personally, I would have turned down the underlying keys, to expose more of the melody but it was pretty cool.

Say what you want about this type of music all sounding the same/being repeitive etc etc but it's fun as hell to make, and I'm in love with it.

<3 5'd, sir. Thanks for thinking of me :3

Oakwood responds:

Well I noticed that the last few songs you put out were all Avicii-like so I figured you should here this one as well. Seems like my tagging strategy worked out well. Don't worry I won't do it again ;)

I have exactly the same thoughts about this type of music as you do. If the music is good then why would you care that it's repetitive (which isn't the case for most songs).

Thanks a lot for the review man, appreciate it! :)

Fantastic melodies throughout :3



This is pretty awesome. The harmonies in this are great, and very well done. You know how to make a catchy song, that's for sure.

I love the chord progression you have here too. It's very cute, and innocent sounding, but quite dancey! Loved the piano too.


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