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That was really cool... I play cs a lot so that was really cool to hear... Cant really say much else besides cool...

StealthBeast responds:

Mad cool lol. Thanks for ur tens! Thanks for the review! Sorry for taking so long to respond. I'm drowning in reviews right now.

it was alright

The humor was a little... well corny with the banana and all but it did have some good points. hoping to see part 2


As karmax said this is a great movie and those dumbshits that vote bad on it have no idea what theyre talking about... For that one guy who was talking about the queen latifa thing... you must be a dumbass to spell scenes as seens hahaha maybe you should go back to gradeschool dipshit.

Good movie tho


not bad

cool animation and all but like the last guy said... not enough sound. Also i think you overdid the freezeframe and turning the screen a little bit. It got a little annoying seeing the sword flip around at 400 different angles. other than that, i think you might have something here.


that was one of the catchiest tunes ive ever heard... perfect timing on everything i give that a 5 on the voting scale and a 10 on the tating scale!!!!


that was hilarious!!! Nobody poops but you hahahaha hey uh... i reviewed banana phone... by accident i thought i was reviewing grand theft boner! sorry about that i really loved banana phone! Sorry about the mixup!

Good movie but...

Im a hardcore iron maiden fan anyone who makes fun of them i dont like their shit. Alright dont make fun of iron maiden and i'll give you a good score

It was a funny song but...

Like almost everyone else has said the units were different... Why did the lurker talk for the zergling... why didnt you just put the picture of a lurker in... and the medic/marine spidermine/scv Valkery/Battle cruiser Dark templar/zealot... Was it meant to be that way or did you not know the units or did you not listen to the song very well. Funny how u made the zerg not speak english tho, good twist.

omg that was beutiful

man that was one of the saddest things i have ever seen. I real sorry about your brother and hope that he rests in pease. great movie...

great job

Man that was a good one definately... I dont know but it had me keep watching it. so anyways it was oretty awesome just keep going please!

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