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I got the notification from an audio forum reply and was like "wat."

Pretty cool yo, and with a catchy ass melody to boot.

Personally, I would have turned down the underlying keys, to expose more of the melody but it was pretty cool.

Say what you want about this type of music all sounding the same/being repeitive etc etc but it's fun as hell to make, and I'm in love with it.

<3 5'd, sir. Thanks for thinking of me :3

Oakwood responds:

Well I noticed that the last few songs you put out were all Avicii-like so I figured you should here this one as well. Seems like my tagging strategy worked out well. Don't worry I won't do it again ;)

I have exactly the same thoughts about this type of music as you do. If the music is good then why would you care that it's repetitive (which isn't the case for most songs).

Thanks a lot for the review man, appreciate it! :)

Fantastic melodies throughout :3



This is pretty awesome. The harmonies in this are great, and very well done. You know how to make a catchy song, that's for sure.

I love the chord progression you have here too. It's very cute, and innocent sounding, but quite dancey! Loved the piano too.


CC, D#D#, D#D#, DD, CC,CC, G#G#, GFGD#C

There you go :3

Oh and the bassline is F,G#, C, A#, F, G#, A#, D#

DisconnectedFromGame responds:

Haha, well I do appreciate it. Although I can't work on this particular piece anymore. Hard drive cleanup deleted many of my old projects so I can't go back and edit them. Might try again though, we'll see.

Sup brah

Only advice I'd give it sounds a bit tinny, like the whole thing sounds very metallic. Almost like it needs to be heavier in the low ends and lighter in the higher ends, other than that it's pretty badass.

Approved but

I'd try lowering the lead synth like 14,000 octaves (but in all reality atleast 1 or 2)

I always have my headphones up, and what a surprise this song was when it came on -.-

madhoe responds:

Thanks for approving.


fuck yeah.

Approved sucka.


I love this


Welcome to the audio portal. This is a pretty awesome track. Super original, and I loved the whole ambiance on it. i'd change the rythm at the start a bit because it seems a bit odd, but maybe thats what you were going for, either way awesome job, I loved it.


Welcome to the audio portal. Awesome song you have here. I love that first melody you introduced and then everything following was just brilliant. I really loved it. The only thing I'd change were those hi hats. They seemed to be leaning towards the right ear and were pretty loud.

Other than that, nice work :0

kiiryu responds:

Thanks dude. This was made quite a while ago, so there are A LOT of things I would change about it mixing-wise, maybe I'll remake it someday.

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