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This is very sweet! I love the piano in this it fits perfectly. It's so relaxing and would be perfect for some sort of a love scene.

The buildup to the main piano is awesome and kind of gets your head bobbing to it, urging it on.

Mixing was perfect, everything else was real nice. Set a great ambiance!

I loved it.

Congrats on the front page


Reasoner responds:

Thanks a lot for the review. That means a lot coming from you.


Pretty cool! the different layers were pretty cool and the intro was alright, I just wish it had more of a buildup that built suspense... yknow? Kinda like a plucky synth playing the melo turning into that one... But thats just me.

When everything comes in, I kind of wish the beat had more yknow to match the synths because they're all exciting and stuff and the beat is kind of just... there... Yknow what I mean?

Anyways, nice work here!



I figured I'd review considering it's name.

I cant say I really understand the intro :D Though it is mixed very well. I like the drums that come in around 2:10 they sound pretty cool. Sorry I'm pretty busy so I can't really write a detailed review. The only thing I can say is I like the intro of the main lead more than when it all gets going because it all seems a little too "in your face for me" But it sounds nice.

I love the bitcrushed effect, that sounds really cool, and is a good break from the loud part XD.

Anyways, nice song here, I like the choice of name too 8D

Keep it up!


Hotplurplegnome responds:

Woooow a review from the Big shots:D
the intro kinda was a little too weak so i took what i learned and made a better one
its in a track called "hooligan" you should check it out has one of those 8 bit parts too:D
but yeah a bit in your face too:P
guess thats my music:P

Oh my

Nice work! Excellent mixing on this. The sidechaining makes everything feel pumping perfectly <3 sidechaining.

My only real complaint to this one is, once everything kicks in the song kind of loses its UMPH. Now I don't know trance so i cant really make many comments relating to the style, but I feel like it loses some of its drive when that happens. I mean the start is wonderful and pumping, but when everything kicks in it loses some of its drive.

Anyways, Eqing is wonderfully done, and everything sounds crisp and nice. Good use of harmonies (though i think thats what trance is about)



Cool dude

I have to agree with A new decade, the Intro is a tad long.

I do like the bell though, reminds me of Mario 64 :D

Good use of your synths with the harmonies and melodies, they were nice! The kick on the percussion could have been turned up a notch, not too loud because I understand you werent going for a heavy kick, but just a tad because right now it almost just sounds like a snare.

I do find myself humming harmonies along to the pad, that alone deserves something :D Not something I do often.

Anyways, nice work here.


O.o Sounds nice

Sounds very happy and I like happy music. The only problem I had was the Eqing. Everything could have been taken down a notch (Except for the bass) The second lead that plays over the first is umm ear shattering, very loud. The melody is really catchy but... I'm kind of forced to listen to it because of the volume. When I listen to a song I like to hear everything separately and hear it all going on, the loud synth stunts that.

Very nice melodies and harmonies though I'll give you that. You're another aritst where once you get Eqing down you'll be great. I love your style though, very unique and upbeat. Nice work.

Only other thing I can say is, a little too many breaks (the snare rolls into the hits) It kind of takes away from the flow.

Lol FLkeys :D

Nice work

Keep it up


fuffka responds:

holy shit envy. thx so fkn much


I love me some vocals... But cant find any good new ones.

Everything sounded pretty crisp and nice. The sliding was a nice touch (I love sliding.)

Vocals fit nicely with the atmosphere you set. Although (and this is simply my style of music) I was waiting for a real melody to come in to have a melo break, but again thats just my style of music.

Nice work here, DJKarma


DjKarma responds:

A review from the NG-famous Envy.
I am quite honored. =)

I haven't checked on this song in awhile.. but I guess the song speaks for it self.

Thanks for the review
-Dj Karma


I like this because its more of a remix than any other remix of the song because you changed it.
I just reviewed another song of yours and I have basically the same critique, clap a little loud, kick a little weak, not really any heavy bass (Of coures thats my style, If you like what you have than ignore me because your input is all that really matters on your own work.)

Sounds pretty nice, the only thing new I really have to say is EQing. When you have the hits come in you get some clipping which kind of gives me a wet noodle in terms of my liking of the song. I LOVE the start though i have to say. The plucky guitar sounding synth fits perfect.

So overall, Mixing (Maybe adjusting the volumes can help a little), less high frequency percussion (hurts ears), heavier kick (throw a compressor on it and Eq it) Other than that nice work!



Keep it up! You have potential from what I've seen (Once you get Eqing down, you'll be wonderful)


Shinrog responds:

yeh, i got an issue with the claps and drum since I'm doing it all from hearing, it sounds kinda fine at the start, but i miss those things, gotta sharpen my ears for that.


Awesome the start is definately my favorite part :D That arp at the beginning is really cool. It all sounds very futuristic and dance-ish.

The only thing I could say is agreeing with the person beneath me. The bass could have a little more umph if you know what I mean. The song seems very High frequency right now. Need a bit more low to equal it out.

Also, the clap stands out a bit too much (for my tastes atleast) either quiet it, or again mix it a little lower.
Try taking your kick and compressing it up to like 6-10 Db, thats how I mix my kick, gives them extreme umph.

ooOOOh I'm writing this as I listen and I must say I really like the lead that comes in at 1:41. Then the breakbeat, again just adjust volumes of the snare on the ghost notes (Theyre ghost notes for a reason.)

Overall, nice work.

9/10, 5/5

Keep it up

~ Envy

Shinrog responds:

the dude below you asked for more bass xD, you meant to sharpen the bass which i think is right. thx for the tips and thx for reviewing.


Rob mayth midis o.O


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