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This is amazing dude!

I really don't even know what else to say, everything is awesome!

Awesome ; D

The first song I think I listened to from NG was a sonic icecap remix 8D

This song brings back memories. Nice work here.

The only thing I'd change would be the buildup XD I'd have made it a little less in your face, because now it's really loud then the climax is actually quieter 8(

anyways, nice work here.


Not gonna lie

Didn't listen to the whole song lol just the first sample. I used it to start off heaven rd. 3 XD

<3 vengeance.

BrixXMich responds:

yeah, like everyone else pointed out >_<
You could at least take some time to listen to the song instead of just the first sample :p
Thanks for the review anyway :p

Nice mixing!

Although trance isn't really my style I have to say I'm really impressed by the mixing on this one. It's extremely clean all the way through. I have to say my favorite part was definately the trianglish synth at 1:33. I would have like to hear more of that 8D.

Anyways, nice work! Not much else I can comment on that wouldn't be biased cause of style. The mixing was excellent though man.


fredrikmiller responds:

Thanks mate :)

Nice! But needs a little more mixing

This sounded like if it were cleared up a little it could be really cool. The loudness of the synth kind of distorted everything, making it hard to hear anything but the lead synth.
The break you have in from 34 - 56 seconds was really nice because it was clear. I feel like if the rest of the song was that clear it would be awesome.

Overall nice work, I'd like to hear a cleaner version of this sometime.
9/10 -1 for mixing 8(


XtremeSounds responds:

thanks for the review, when i get a bit more spare time i will see what i can do.


Soz I had to review this one on account of the name.


IMO the snare didn't fit totally.

I like all the layers though, it gave a really cool feeling.

Nice work here!



For Dj-seri it was actually nothing like miniature fantasy 8/.

But to the song, it was pretty good, A bit repetitive and I'd go with trying to have a gate as your lead unless its not recognizeable which this one is o.o

Was a pretty good start though. Keep working.


I don't see why you spend so much time trashing me when you are so talented 8/

Why not make serious work like this? I actually enjoyed it alot man. I'm gonna take your advice and stop being a ho and trying to fight fire with fire o.o

The progression was really sweet and built up alot of energy. The only thing I'd say would be to put some fills in. With those drums I can imagine some really sweet drum fills. Near the end I feel like a really big climax would be awesome. Maybe some strings.

I will be listening to your future serious works, they have alot of potential.

Anyways, nice work, keep it up. The eqing was great.


ph0ne responds:

Thanks. I was trying to be innovative with the drums and all but I didn't have awesome samples at the time. There was a climax. It was before the final break, and I think strings are pretty cheesy. Thanks for the review anyway.

Nice work

It sounded good, I have to say the offbeat hat was FAR too loud. 8/ Kind of dominating the song a bit too much IMO.

Other than that everything sounded pretty nice, I like your progression near the middle, and your kick was pretty nice too. Very full. Another thing was it lacked a bit of a bass. Seemed to need a bit more oomph if you get what I mean, alot of it seemed pretty high frequency.

I hope you don't see this review as hateful because it's not, I just think telling someone what you think should be changed is more helpful than saying "great song!"

It was a good sound though! Keep it up! My only REAL complaint is the hi hat. I'd like to see a reuploaded version of this with a quieter hat.


Haxo-JJ responds:

Oh yeah creative critism is good. im not a person who gets pissed at a review that says how to make it better.


but IMO the Snare wasn't punchy enough. needed to be like more heavily compressed or something. I like my DnB snares to stand out yknow? Yours was just a tad quiet.

Nice work though, sounds nice. Nice FX work. Although theyd better be cause its in your name 8D

axeFX responds:

XD Envy! Yea, I didn't put much attention into my drums this time around. Thanks for pointing them out tho :P You gotta get on msn and show me some side-chaining tips. I think I added you, but if I didn't my msn is axefx@live.com. ADD ME

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