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Again, blood from the pupils

Nice, I wanna be good at fl... Im still a HUGE noob on fl... yknow what i mean? oh well hopefully i'll grow out of it... but for now im just gonna use the easy tunes that sound slightly amusing.



That was pretty intense... I was bleeding from the pupils near the end... and then it just stopped... WHY DID YOU MAKE IT STOP? make it longer and more intense please... thanks


Start reminds me of...

The start reminds me of War of the worlds... Than it blasts off into an intergalactic war with space shuttles blowing eachother into bits. Than the camera flies down and flips upside down and whatnot into a war on the ground where a hero is fighting off thousands of aliens. The hero is succeeding until he sees his loved ones being taken away. The hero grows angry and blows his way through all the aliens. He reaches the king alien and they duke it out 'til the end. Than he saves his family and the credits roll for a while. And the end shows the King awakening... That's an emmy right there.

I'm sure your mom is proud

I would be.

Keep it up

`~shortest review ever~`

Rev- Rev- Rev- Revoluuuutions.

That's some Vox you should put into the song... Just a thought would sound good at the start... But I'm no good with music so don't listen to me or your music is doomed. But so far... your music is no where near doomed. In fact it's closer to BLASTING OFF TO THE MOON. Your probrably closer to any real good space travel than NASA with this music... (which isn't saying THAT much)


I am trying to type to the speed of the song so i am not really using good grammar or anything and this song is just Oh, it's a slightly slow part oh it sped up a little oh my gosh i cant even keep up with typing to the beat of the song i have no time for periods who needs shift when you have a beat like this please slow down or ill break a finger.

O.k. I stopped it... Although it was rather tough. OMGOOSE that was an amazing song. I was completely blown away literally... By the way you owe me a new pair of pants, shirt, and underwear... Oh thats right, whenever I listen to your music I don't wear any...


I can't believe this is your first. No way man. If it is you are probrably the most talented person ever. You have to be a great keyboardist...(If that is a word) Other wise there is no other way someone could be this good at placing notes so... EXCELLENTLYTERRIFICALLYEXPIRIMONUSLY WINGARDIUM LEVIOSA!


Another good review for you... Yippee.. I really liked the piano part. I was reading through the reviews and someone said a song entirely in piano. That wouldn't be a bad idea and you could even have some of the stuff you do anyways just have the piano playing with it. I don't really know if that would sound good or not. By the way... like a third of the way through it had a little riff or whatever that sounded really good. And the Piano near the end was perfectly placed!


The start kind of sounded like the King DeDeDe or whatever. Excellent song. The only thing thats bugging me is... I can't really tell because it's so fast but sometimes I get the feeling I'm listening to the same song over and over again with more or less feeling in each one. I'm not saying anything bad about it but maybe a different instrument here and there, if you don't want to change... DON'T! It's fine the way it is, besides its how people will remember you... for your fast speedy melodies.


Thought you were kidding when you said your fastest yet. I didn't know how it could get faster, but you were right. Nice. Keep it up

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