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hell forget your title

I've got a better title for you! Hows "Rubber robots and plastic cheese" hows that sound... I think it fits perfectly dont you?? But hey im just a genious who has no talent whatsoever... Where exactly do you get these programs i was thinkin of getting into music makin myself.


*sniff* *sniff* IM TRYING IM TRYING YOU DIRTY BASTARD!! I just have something in my eye... thats it. nice piece of work you got here... reminds me of a nice warm walk on the beach and suddenly two ninjas appear and pull out kungfoo out of my ass and shart battling to the death when they pull out big swords and im all... Woah. and then i jump in the air and go all dragonballz on them but it takes me 2 hours for my mouth to stop moving after i say three words... But yeah... warm walk on the beach...

boop boop bap bap

i liked the piano and the bass gave it a twist.. Boop boop bap boo boop boop bap boop
WOAH, i just thought of a crazy idea!! If you guys cant think of an idea... You guys should get married and have a kid that can make the ultimate music. Although you guys would argue whos going to be the one who has to actually give birth to the kid (have fun with that one)

~~when your in a state of confusion, you must be pretty damn confused~~

Damn you

I nearly broke my chair moving around to this catchy little tune of yours... Today im going on an all out reviewing spree!!!

~~when your in a state of confusion, you must be pretty damn confused~~


nice but i didnt know music could smoke weed... Good job on this one.

~~When your in a state of confusion, you must be pretty damn confused~~


grab your partner and dosy do, shake them back and forth and to and fro. WOOOOHHH what an exciting song man now i can see why everyone was doo dee dooing (i always read reviews before i listen to the song) doo dee doo doo dee doo dee doo... Your going to be hearing a lot from me Runaway. Hell if the world lets you down i'll beat it up until it gives you another chance! Don't stop until you get that contract pal!

DJRunaway responds:

Man... <3! You made my day today! I just got sent out of school btw :( Anyway, I'll start sellin cd's soon :D Thnx for the review man!


Great song... but... i read the reviews... I want some cheese? Can i have some cheese too i always review better when i have some good cheese. Nice work

~~When your in a state of confusion, you must be pretty damn confused~~

DJRunaway responds:

:) Here's some cheese! EAT IT!


hmmmmmmm sounded like N4s4 but with a freaky twist. Nice you are making me extremly happy today runaway! Have a cookie! no wait have 2, great songs especially the freaky deaky ending with the high pitching thing i liked that.

DJRunaway responds:

yay, cookies :D It's actually N4S4 at the beginning, Too Lost, Ode To A Legend and some other songs mixed :D Thnx for the review man!



Very sketchy indeed (in a good way) Made me feel all woooahhhh inside... you had my insides dancin on that one man... not a lot of songs make them dance... i had to beat them with a stick to get them to stop dancing(it was waking up my neighbors) anywho the guy who gave the 3 honestly has about as much life as a dead guy... which isn't very much at all. Anywho nice song... your becoming a great artist on NG.

it was ok

Im not a person who goes around giving bad reviews just for the hell of it so ill just tell you that if you keep workin on it you could be pretty good at this-Firedemon666

<*-*-*Contribution to metalheads everywhere*-*-*>

DJRunaway responds:

:D :) Thanks :P It was just a quicky!

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