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It sounds cool at the start, buuuuuuut I'm not a huge fan of solely arps in a song. Kinda jumbles the song a little too much. Yes I know you had more than just arps in it, but they were too loud to hear the rest. Overall it's alright, but the arps kinda drown out the rest. At some points make it sound strange.. Anywho, I liked the beat, maybe it could have beena bit heavier, but i liked it anywho. Good job.

Sylacone responds:

Hmm... Well, if I took the arp out... It wouldnt be the same song. It totally destroy it. Unless I make a pattern exactly like it just not so jumbled.

Thats what Imma do. Thanks for listening.


But again, FL presets are bad! Especially the drums again...

You need to start "picking up" your songs to make them feel more techno instead of ambient. But good nonetheless. I like the piano XD, but maybe more of a melody with a different instrument rather than rely on that arp so much. But good job.

ink-dripped-heart responds:

thanks man. im not gonna use the actual drums anymore. i've started to just learn how to make more of a plain 4-beat. thanks for your suggestions.


For your first song this is pretty good. I like the arrangements of the drums, just dont like the drums themselves, Fl presets are bad unless you absolutely fill them with reverbs and stuff.
I like the piano too, gave a nice feel to the song. You should remake this, and have more of a beat going through the song to make it more exciting, cause i could imagine this getting exciting, but it never happend DX. Nice job, especially for your first song.

ink-dripped-heart responds:

thanks you. i originally came up with the main melody on guitar and made this song out of it. so some day i'll try to remake it better. thanks for your comment


I cant say I'm a big fan of the 8th notes, but i really liked the 16th notes, they seemed to have more of a melody than the 8th notes... Seemed like i donno the 8th note melody kinda didn't seem to have the right arrangement of notes for some reason!. Good work. With the arp that came in at the start, you almost it expect the song to be a dance song with that arp doing some crazy stuff ^^, nice work.

Everlasting-Elements responds:

It was something that I was trying out for my new song that is coming. I'm trying to learn how to make a good arp out of the eighth notes so I can make a 16th note lead melody. We'll see what happens.
Thanks for your review man!

"This isnt your song!"

JK JK JK... I was just reading the reviews, and although people say it's not yours thats kind of a compliment cause it means theyve heard it before and liked it XD. Ocon, you, and I all had our shots at this song. Wouldn't it be cool if we had a 3 way finale collab to this song? Kind of a tribute to it where we all contribute the best parts of our own remixes to it? Sounded kinda like a good idea to me. The kicks were kinda overpowered kinda fuzzed up the song, and i like the bass effect although it may have been a bit loud XD. Nice remix of your own song! AND FOR EVERYONE ELSE, THIS IS HIS SONG!

Everlasting-Elements responds:

I suppose it could be comment, right?
The 3 way collaboration sounds cool, but OCON bailed out on music, so he can't really be included can he?
The bass is my best part, so if that does happen, you can use the bass, and we can fine tune it!
Thanks for the review bro!

Love the melody

I just love the melody to this song ^^. Well done, dont really know what else to say, cause its a remix! Nice work!

Everlasting-Elements responds:

The melody is very bad ass!
Thanks for the review! I owe you man!


I just love that intro XD. Not sure if i like the new pad/chorus in the backround, it may stick out too much in some parts. But I do love this song XD. it's got a little fuzz, but most songs do that come out of FL, but overall mastering is pretty good! Love the drums XD, I'm glad you continued with this song instead of giving it up XD.

Good work!

Everlasting-Elements responds:

I liked the intro too, but perhaps I didn't snah that 'lovey' feeling in the song at all. Really, that is what I was aiming for.
The pad may have been loud, so I'll work on that in my next song, if I make one. Just kidding, I'll make a new one.
I hate fuzz! I probably didn't Equo it enough or something! Damnit. Sounded good in the FL version though.
Drums are good to me.
I was gonna quit this song because I lost progress when my computer crashed, but luckily, I saved it on my sisters computer, so I continued its production.
Thanks for the review man!


It sounds pretty good! But this may just be me, but I think the first melody you have goes a little too long with no real big change. Just a small complaint from me. Also, The second real melody that comes in (yknow that synth) I dont feel it, I donno, doesn't fit the song in the right way. The song was really well done, but those two things are all i have against it... Nice beat, and such XD Good job

dj-padman1 responds:

thanks. I agree about the second synth, your right.
Strange no-one mentioned the main build and the climax, which is the key feature of the track.


How do you deal with people like fang? I'd have gone crazy by now, man. Keep up the good work, draze.


The only real problem that I didnt like was the intro and it seems the instrument at it's build up kind of gets too bassy or something, I donno how to explain it. I think I liked the original better XD. Keep of the good work

Check out my audio some time XD

Dj-Powerstorm responds:

Thanks for your opinion, i'll get back to basics,... sod the basics in this case if it was better. I love your work btw, one of my favs

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