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The bassline is actually really catchy!

Your melodies actually have a great deal of potential! Very upbeat and full of energy, I like it!

I myself am a melody person, so everything else doesn't matter to me nearly as much. Great bassline and melodies

Way to work with what you've got...

Get yourself some new samples and you could be really good!

Try vengeance club samples... once you get some stronger samples you could be great man.

Keep it up!


Matches responds:

Thanks! Where do you get thoes?


To play on guitar hero 4

Nice work.

Erectronik responds:

Me hopes so too D:



Thats pretty snazzy.

The piano at the start was awesome man. But I must say my favorite part of the song was the first fill, into the start of the song. From there the energy was incredible.

Nice work on this!

I dont generally write reviews because my review box always freezes and takes like 10 minutes to write a short review. Anyways! Nice work, sweet pad and bells at like 1:31. Definately very happy ^.^ nice work, 10/10 5/5

FlamingFirebolt responds:

i started with the intro. then i couldnt contineu anymore! so it was on hold for alot of time. then i kinda forced myself to finish it, thats why it isnt that '' energetic'' the whole song.
thanks for the review :)

pretty cool

Not bad. Need to turn down the offbeat hi hat though, it starts to eat away your brain after a while.

try to amp up the kick, yknow put a compressor on it, add some punch. After all the kick and the bass drive the song. On that note, I didn't really hear much of a changing bassline. try to blend it with the melo a little more.

On the topic of the melody, I liked it, sort of mysterious. Take that melody one step farther! Add some stutters, or some transition notes and pauses and such. Basically just go crazy with it. Add some counter-melodies in there to give the whole thing some definition.

Make it your own, keep it up


Noizaholic responds:

hmm noted... good ideas...

thanks for the review Envy!


awesome... TBH I wasn't going to review, until i hear the "slow down" fill... That part made the song for me. Afterall, I'm not a huge DnB fan. Sorry I cant leave a longer review, just that fill was awesome. Nice work.

Rig responds:

Thanks for your opinion, man. No worries - I can't please EVERYONE. :)

Oh my!

I don't find myself listening to classical often... But when I find a piece like this I have to stop and say "wow!" This is simply amazing. The emotions that are given off in a classical piece are unmatched by other forms of music. You've done well... Very well! Keep up the great work, and I believe I'll be checking in on your future works because of this one. Awesome mallets, and such.

I've been thinking about getting into classical, but 1) I don't have the tools necessary for it, and 2) I don't have enough patience to create a piece with enough emotion.

Awesome work, 10/10 5/5

Keep it up. love the melody and the crashes and everything just perfect. Almost sounds live.

NickPerrin responds:

Hey, thanks for the review, but just remember - this is not 100% original, it is based off the original piece for NES, which was 8-bit technology. The original song, "Vampire Killer," from the 1987 game Castlevania, had only 3 channels and was fairly straightforward in comparison, so I've taken a lot of creative liberties. Since the original there have been many other remixes too, in lots of styles from jazz to rock. I was yet to hear a full-fledged symphonic version, so I did it myself.


This is going to be a bit more brief because I just wrote out a full review and suddenly everything got highlighted, then it disappeared. SO I don't feel like typing it out again.

I LOVED the first 3 notes of the piano, they fit perfectly.

The pad was perfect for the song, but with the ride that you already have, I feel like a quick 16th note quiet hi-hat with accents on the off-beats would be perfect.
Kind of like a ts-TS-ts-TS. That would be awesome.

Also, at like 1:24 when the rest of the drums come in, some sort of realistic sounding guitar bass playing a soothing bassline would be awesome, but I'm not sure if it would fit with the genre.

Anyways! Nice work man, I love the ending as well, and the flute is perfect. I figure I see a review of yours every once and a while, so i figured I'd drop one for you, good job man!


I still think Mindless is your best but this one is pretty kickass man.
Getting that full sound huh? haha

I'm not totally WITH the long intro, but i absolutely LOVED the break after the intro. It was awesome man, really airy and amazing, gave an awesome ambient feel.

When everything comes in its awesome dude. I love all the airy feelings it gives.

1,2,3,4 hahaha sounds kinda like an infant haha

Nice work man! keep it up!

Nice man

This is pretty good. I don't generally listen to the DnB genre much, but I thought I'd check this one out.

I liked the bass, but it seemed a little thin if you ask me. It had the right distortion, but was really thin. Try EQing it to give it a little umph, maybe a bass boost.
Yeah, the bass seems a bit off at some points, especially at the beginning, but I think you tried to do that maybe.
Your using FL I'm guessing, but I'm not totally sure.

Try compressing it a little to get rid of some of that clipping at the beginning.
Turn down the quality of the free filter on the drums when you're bringing them in to get rid of some of the clipping there. But other than that nice work man. Needed somewhat of a pad at the beginning to fill that empty space. But other than that, nice work. I enjoyed it.

Electrick responds:

Thanks Envy! There was a pad at the end. I guess I should've added one through out the whole song. I didn't really think the bass was thin. I was wearing headphones when I made it, so I guess I wasn't being careful about it. Thanks again for the review!


Nice man

Pretty cool, everything sounded really cool. The start was awesome with that low pass kick! The only thing that kind of killed it for me was that snare... Not a huge fan of the sound of that snare... has too much cah to it whereas I see drum and bass snares as more of ksh rather than a cah. Still, nice job on the percussion.

And I love that bass (gotta love the triplets)

Quarl responds:

cah, ksh, boom, chika chika. ontz ontz ontz ontz?

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