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Hey I know you

You're that genius who makes music. That's the one. Nice song man. All of your work is fast paced and excellent for... Well it's not really useful for anything (No offense!) except for writing reviews for your other great songs :). Keep it up. (Making me sweat while just sitting here listening)

Dimrain my boy you've done it again!

Excellent song... Usually I would leave a long review of everything I thought but I'll keep it short and simple. Excellent job, Keep it up.


Havn't reviewed anyones' stuff in a while but... Jesus, I nearly had a heart attack from this song... My ADD was trying to keep me from knowing what the hell was going on... All your music gives me heart attacks because it's so fast and original. I would like to know... Do you make them at a really slow speed than just speed it up... Because if so that must take forever because the tune is always changing, and if not you must have Tons of talent to be able to keep coming up with the next note to make it fit. Than, if you were trying to listen to it and say to yourself, "woah theres a mistake at 1 minute and 21 seconds." (There isn't really but just saying)You have a lot of talent man, keep it up.

I liked it

finally someone made a remix of this song. Sometimes id actually leave the game paused on the Tal mountain range just for this song. I liked the drums being loud. Maybe a little less snare... The ghost notes are a bit... non ghosty... they stick out too much... Unless thats what you were trying to do... If so you did WICKED good on that. Good job sorry for the long review... IM just trying to think of stuff as im listening to it. hmmm i also noticed you added like the temple theme in there... was that song on the Tal mountain range? It worked well though i never even noticed the transition between songs.

oOoO sexy

i liked it a lot... But like whats his face said it needs more feeling behind it. By the end of songs i like having heart attacks because my heart was beating so much from the basss... Needless to say this song didnt quite give me a heart attack. Still excellent though. If you ask me there isnt enough star wars music... Usually has good fight music..... Excellent job oh... and very sexy

not bad

You have the ability to make great music... You just havnt really taken advantage. It was good i liked it... The only real part i didnt like was the main theme... the instrument was a bit i dont know like Whiny. But other than that good job. Im a fan of you break the targets :P good job keep it up.

it was good

it was preeeetty good, not something that jumps out to me and says to my face, IM BETTER THAN THE FREAKIN GAME BIATCH

But nevertheless it does jump out a little bit for like a whisper that says woooh listen to me but yeah... It was pretty good keep it up


I've been pretty easy with my reviews and i decided its time to toughen up .. ARG!!! so i gave you a nine only because it was a little repetitive but it was a good repetititve with good sound.

mms cha

makes me just wanna say mms cha over and over again mms cha mms cha mms cha mms cha mms cha mms cha, ah i am saying it over and over again. Like this say it with me now! ---->mms cha mms cha mms cha buppa buppa boopa boopa bumpdiddley ba boo ba ba baaaa bee bop boop beep boop mms cha mms cha mms cha mms cha mms cha mms cha bup boop boop bop buh buh buh boop bee bop boop bope bee bee bop boop! <---- Now that is a genius song... try that in a song at the same tempo as this one.

Sorry bout the long post my friend, but i got carried away, now back too mms cha,, I dont hear you!


This slightly reminded me of A level in Halo2... the 1rst level where you go out into space, and its quite calming actually for techno. I love your work man, keep it up

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