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I was a bit skeptical at first about the intro, but when the drums and the pad got going, it was really good. It was really catchy, and i liked the beat. Do you use like the Acid pro studio or FL or what?

Dj-Powerstorm responds:

Ahh, that is for me to know and for you to find out. My secret. Cheers for the reveiw


I think the vocals were a little too loud, so they stuck out a lot. maybe some reverb on it or something to make it less "sharp." Yknow? I like the use of the arp and the main melody sounded very Blade-ish and got a little repetitive but so did the blade song XD. Overall, not bad, could be better, but not bad for now XD

snayk responds:

Well, this was one of the first songs I ever made (the fifth, actually). It's over a year old. I was quite proud of it at the time.

I still think it's a pretty decent track. It's one of my better old pieces.

If I could go back and change something, it probably WOULD be the vocals you mentioned. Not because they sound too sharp but because they come with FL Studio (even though I altered them), and I'd rather use something external.

Nice man

Very Chill. I like it. I really like the almost ambient beginning, and i like how you had the little variations to the lead. Although, i think the drums could have been a little better, they were pretty well done (good use of the fl presets atleast.) You've got a lot of talent if you keep making music like this XD. IM me sometime, maybe a collab or something (i just got some new drum packs, but havnt posted any songs yet with them in it)

My screen name is Daviecrocker196
Give me a shout.

5/5 10/10 excellent work.

P.S. I personally dont mind the repetition cause I love repitition also XD.

snayk responds:

Thanks for the review.

I don't usually use the FL drum samples (or at least keep them this raw). I don't know what I was thinking. The part I regret the most is the clap =/ I could always go back and change it, but I don't feel like resubmitting it.

I didn't mind the repetition in this one either. I usually DON'T mind the repetition in my songs, but I feel obliged to admit that I know they're repetitive, or else reviewers complain about it.

I'm glad you enjoyed it :)


I really liked the intro to the arp. It really fit the song well. I liked the vocals too, they fit the "feel" of the song, and the humming or whatever that was, was real good too. I feel that after the lyrics you could have i donno, maybe pumped up the bass and everything, and had a big synth come in, or maybe that synth you have going and maybe a counter melody on it. Possibly bring back the chords you had at the start. I just feel that after the vocals I was half expecting a "big bang" to create almost a second half to the song. Other than that, I thought it sounded very professional and overall very well done. 10'd and 5'd (returning the favor.) Nice work, and keep it up you two.

DistortionResonance responds:

Haha, that humming was Distortions voice. Most of the vocoder/recording was Resonance, though.

This is, actually, the unfinished version of the song. We DO break into a huge dramatic melody with an awesome drum synth and everything :) I think it's gonna be too big to put on Newgrounds though... we'll see what we can do.

Thanks for the review!

Loved it

I loved everything about it... Not much else to say... I LOVED the drums, and the lead synth was excellent, except for the low part kind of came in suddenly. But that is my only complaint, other than that everything was great... I look forward to hearing GREAT things from you... Keep it up!

ListenToMyMusic responds:

Thank you, this one I spent the most time on I think, well besides my first.

I'll go check out yours soon,

Good Bye, Eat Pie,

Like it But...

I like most of your songs, but the thing i dont like about this song is the instrument choice... I feel that the arp that comes in is almost Out of place... Maybe a different arp... I'm alright with the first instrument but I feel this song could be so much better with different instruments... You're right, I'm not punching babies, and I really like how you changed it up... Almost gave it a "Mario" type of feel to it for some reason.I love the pad you put in to on top of the lead... Really brought it out. Drums were a little weak, but most fl default drums are... Nice job on this one, and keep it up.

ListenToMyMusic responds:

I did make the beggining part 4 months before I did the rest, that may be why it doesn't seem to fit at first, but I actually liked the way it went together. The drums were weird beecause I forgot to load the right kit, oh well. There were two pads a syntrus and a z3ta+, they work good together.

Good Bye, Eat Pie,


It got me smiling. I like the idea, and I'm sure you could find the vocals to this... I know all the words myself, and I keep hearing all the marines at my brothers boot camp graduation every time i hear this... More like screaming instead of singing if you ask me XD

"from the halls of montezuma, to the shores of tripoli..."

Nice work XD I can see why your "customer" is happy XD! Forget the other guys review, I thought the beat was just fine!


Stealth-Emergence responds:

Awesome Thanks Envy! glad it made you smile, I must admit I don't know the lyrics to this one, I don't think they play this tune over here, but I'm not totally sure of that XD

Thanks for your review!

Peace Out!


Save some reviews for me!

Man, taking all the reviews from the audio portal with this song! Haha, excellent work.

I would love to have a collab with you sometime, I feel with your level of music making it could turn out superb! IM me at Daviecrocker196, and if you don't want to collab I'd love to get some tips and tricks! Or just chat, doesn't matter.

This song is incredible, how everything kind of molds together, and yet stays so original and separate from eachother. Almost like you're listening to a different song each time you replay it.

It's nearly gold, man. I think this would be your first gold track, amirite? Good luck, AND congratulations because It will easily get there eventually.

Keep 'em comin' Stealth!


Stealth-Emergence responds:

Taking all the reviews eh? (I wish) lol

A collab! cool! I'm being inundated lately with offers! I've got 3 collabs in the pipeline at the moment So I'm a little tied up til they're finished, But I'm always open for further projects

Oh I plan to keep them coming, trust me!

Yeah I'll let you know when I'm free to do a collab

Yeah you're right this! Nearly gold still a way to go!

Thanks for stopping by and reviewing, I'll stop by some more of your audio now whilst I have a lil bit of free time for a review or 2

Peace Out Man!



Don't have time for a full review, sorry. I really liked almost everything about this except for like OCON said, the whole staying the same part... The short aspect of it was good I thought. People say make it longer over and over, but in reality making it longer sometimes overdoes it and leads to a repetitive song. The only thing that I though could have been better was if it actually built up to something... Extreme... Perhaps a part 2 of this song? (If not thats cool, I understand the whole 100 cpu thing... My comp suckzors too, and it makes it extremely hard to listen to a song when with the 100 cpu, the song sounds like its playing at 1 bpm and fuzzier than a really old guys back... You get the point... (so much for not a full review)

m4ster responds:

lolz yeh that gets annoying. I end up exporting a test every time i change something cus I cant preview it =/
I'll probably make another bamboo song some day, cus I really liked that koto

Liked it

But i didn't love it. Personally I wasn't a huge fan of being able to hear when the vocals simply cut out. (Perhaps some fade,) Unless you were trying to get that effect, than you did a good job XD. But beyond that:

Originality - I Liked the expirimentation thing with all the different drums going on at the same time, it gives you a sort of familiar with the FL drums, but flips them upside down. You don't hear many calm low-key songs here (most people try to make their song as loud and bassy as possible, and its nice to hear a more quiet song... Although a previous review was right, it should be under Ambient or something along those lines...

Diversity- Again ^^^^ just look up for everything about that...

Clarity- I never really knew what clarity meant so i came up with my own meaning and that is how I think the music flowed... For the most part i thought it flowed well, just didn't like the cut's of vocals (again thats just me, dont change anything you do just cause of me)

Effort- Its obvious you spent a lot of time on this, and it reflects in the music. Also, it's very long, which means to keep it interesting you had to change the tune and stuff as you went along (Which can get slightly annoying as you begin thinking EVERYTHING sounds the same)

Overall- I think you did a very solid, good job on this. I can see you getting A lot better in the future, although. With this song comes a sense of great potential in you o.O. This is my first *full* review, and i figured it should go to you, seems as to how you take the time to review my stuff.

Keep up the excellent work!

(And by the way, this review took me a while to write and I've listened to the song probably 6 or 7 times over now, and I really am starting to get used to the vocals, and it actually kind of flows with the song, the whole cut thing... Yep thats about it!

Stealth-Emergence responds:

Envy thanks for taking the time to come and review for me, greatly appreciated!

see It hadn't occurred to me to have the vocals fade, either in or out though now you mention it, I kinda see what you mean, I'll be working with heather again in the not too distant future, I'll bear that suggestion in mind for future projects!

this did take a while to do, especially considering the tempo restriction I had lol XD and getting those beats where I wanted them!

I wasn't too sure about the genre decision, I felt the beats in it, took away from the whole ambience of the track and I felt that this was more trance, but meh! I'll learn!

I still have a long way to go til I become excellent and with every track I do, I feel I'm getting step closer to that excellence, I shall keep trying tho!

Thanks again for you review Envy!

Peace Out Man!


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