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Thats all i have to really say is WOW... AWESOME job man, if it weren't for zero voters, this piece would be extremely popular man! I'll give you my 5, and see if i can get anyone else to 5 it for you, but 0's are hard to recover from. Excellent job on this man i can tell you worked really hard.


For the most part this was an awesome song. The only part that got me was that it seemed over-loud, which caused a bit of static. Personally I wasn't a huge fan when the feel of the song changed from the start to the end. It was really well put together and everything. Maybe just a tid more mastering. I liked the harsh sound of it at the start, it really fit the title. But near the end of the song I couldn't really fit it in with the rest of the song (almost sounded like a different song.) But great work on this song!

Striker028 responds:

i agree man, the ending sucked.


but i'm workin on a better version. thanks for the review :).

Great work!

You said you worked really hard on this song, and it shows! This song is great! You got my 5 and my download!

Although personally I am not a HUGE fan of the start up right off the bat like this song, but it seemed to fit really well. The strings and bass-line all fit the song great as well as the synths. I really liked the drums in this song, (That quiet, yet noticeable hi-hat.

All-In-All, this is a very well put together song, very enjoyable! You pushed the quiet parts to be quiet yet strong, and pushed the loud parts to be... Well loud! Excellent work XI!


I absolutely love the tune in this song. It gets me so hot... Dude, if it's alright I would love to try and remix this, but only if its okay with you

Chaoz-of-Yakuza responds:

Dude...Remix as you wish my friend...And this is a message to everyone...Just make sure you got Chaoz_of_Yakuza in the description for the credit. unless of course it was a game track then i need no credit and yeah...okay thanks for the review.


Reminds me of halo at the start, good catchy song I like it


Very Good daniel-son... Yeah very relaxing... The only reason I liked the zora domain was to jump off the high cliff into the water... Yeah, those were the days...

HouseMasta responds:

yea those were the days.


Can anyone say: "God of remixes?" I love starfox 64... Unfortuneatly I don't happen to remember practically ANY of the songs from it... But I'm sure this sounds basically just like the game just... Dirty, and remixed XD. Nicely done, I'd tell you to keep up the good work, but its apparent that you've been keeping it up...

Oh yeah the only part thats familiar is the end tune... Yeah man, good memories there...

HouseMasta responds:

wow, thanks a lot for the 10, i appreciate it a lot. thanks for the straight 10s!


Catchy song man. Gotta hate those 0 voters... I swear there is one that follows me around... Most of my songs dont make it 5 minutes without getting a 0... Anyways really good song... Keep up the good work man... you got my 5

Mynewaccountis-OCON responds:

aww thanks a lot bro!


The tune was pretty catchy. It needed to be deeper and be backed up by more bass and not just drums... Hence the bass part of drum and bass... It sounded a bit empty... Its got my five though... Good job

Mynewaccountis-OCON responds:

thanks for all ur reviews man ^^ i truly appreciate it! and i dunno about this one, i just really like the beginning XD

I like this one better than your other one

Although its very similar.... I like it... Could you possibly give me the notes for the part you did... I'm way too lazy to try and figure them out myself, and I kind of wanted to make a remix of this song myself... Just with the other part added... Thanks

Mynewaccountis-OCON responds:

lol, i'll see man, if u have aim, i.m. me some time, my sn is weirdodude17

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