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Pretty cool

The drums were pretty well arranged, although the rolls were a bit random at times (try to stay away from random rolls, keep it to like quarter or measure rushes with the snare maybe, especially with that loop, it sounds cool.

Listen to my song Glitchcore for examples. (Although I didnt put as much "Glitch" as you did here, i used a little.

Anyways, I dont really like the bassline you used, it seemed a bit muffled and you couldnt really make out a distinct pattern.

When the strings came out, that was probably the high point for me, it made everything kind of blend together. Nice work on this one ^.^ The drums were well done, and everything. Keep it up.


TheAmateurAnimator responds:

Thanks...I agree that I might have overdone it on the rolls. Too much of a good thing is bad.


This Song has been remixed so many times my head hurts, but this was a good addition to the remix book. I like the 3x osc (thats the bass right?) I can never get the sound i want out of the 3x osc... I donno why. The crowd sample didnt really move me too much... The high pitched girl screaming that stands out in the sample you used didnt really fit in... I like just the sound of a crowd overall with no screaming, just crowd... Yknow?

The original parts you put in were really well done, I really like the crisp sound of the piece overall. And the glitch added to the vox was a real nice addition, it was awesome. Sounded very professional and was a nice break from the rest of the song, but I think after that glitch instead of fading out you should have brought just her voice from the start again back in with the "Dont make a sound blah blah" than brought in the piano solo, I think that would have been cool. But i can really feel the effort here! Nice job. 9/10 5/5

P.S. didnt like the little diddydoop thing at the end... the last few notes ^.^

GroundForce responds:

"The crowd sample didnt really move me too much... The high pitched girl screaming that stands out in the sample you used didnt really fit in... I like just the sound of a crowd overall with no screaming, just crowd... Yknow?"

yup i know what you mean.

"Dont make a sound blah blah" lol ^^

"But i can really feel the effort here! Nice job. 9/10 5/5" THX!!!!!

"P.S. didnt like the little diddydoop thing at the end... the last few notes ^.^" d^_^



I like the use of so many different arps and such, but still a little random! Should try automation clips, they'll make everything so much smoother when you can fade and such. I really liked the trancey thing about halfway through. It was real nice... i think you should build a song off that, that would be real cool. Anywho! Nice work! Just work on those key elements of FL and you should be fine.

HiniberusDelius responds:

Okay I'll work on it, just remember I had the demo at the time so I'll have to start from scratch. Hopefully I'll make it better though when I start it again.

More ambient

I think its almost more ambient than anything else... It just gives that really ambient feel!
I recognize that arp from Vanguard no doubt, right? It was well used in this with the pads. (Which were excellent by the way)

Bringing in the drums was perfect, it gave it that awesome eery feeling, and when that bell-like synth comes in with it, ohhhh sends shivers down my spine. I can expect part two to be really exciting to accompany this. You could put them together, have this as the long calm intro, than BAM the second part comes in and knocks you out.

The only thing I didn't like about the song was at a certain point it seems the arps you had kind of collided, and would go something like:

BOOPbeeboopboop....BOOPbeeboopboop....BOOPbeeboopboop. You know what I mean? That was the only Thing I could find wrong with this, I didn't think it was repetitive in a bad sense, I feel that if it is truly ambient (which I think it is) than it has the perfect amount of repitition. DONT TURN UP THAT bell, its at the perfect volume, but perhaps another slight melody when the bell isnt playing? Almost like a counter melody, Like :

Ding doo ding doo ding <--- thats the bell

than you could do like diddly diddly dum dum

Hahaha it's so hard to explain sounds with words ^.^

Nice work! 5'ed! keep it up!

Karco responds:

Ambient? Never considered it to be that... I can see your logic but it's always sounded more like a 'trance' to me. Aah, I hate accidentally clicking on the wrong genre. :P

Yeah, I used a lot of Vanguard in this song. And I'll agree with you on the drums and bell sound, too. :)

I know what you mean with the bad arp there and the problem there is I don't know how to fix it. >_< I'll try to find a decent substitute for part two once I get to work on it. (Oh, and part two... is going to be nothing like this (enough so it's in a different genre) and everything like it at the same time. You'll see. >:) )

Huh. Surprisingly enough, I think I'm getting your idea with the dings, the doos, etc. XD I might be wrong, though... send me a PM if you feel you need to clarify. :P Thanks for the review, Envy, glad you liked it.


I dont really have much to say here, but i know you put a ton of effort into this.

Its definately well... orginal and has tons of diversity..

I dont know it isnt really my style, but i know how hard you worked ^.^

You're getting better and starting to use more of FL, thats great! Expanding what you do in FL is a great way to get better... The only thing i have to say is maybe work on building more of a solid melody than off beat notes.

Keep working at it, it will come!

check out my preview: "Chaos Spectrum {preview}" When I post it, man!

HiniberusDelius responds:

Sure thanks for the positive review, I'm gonna have to stop makeing music for a bit (Due to BIG exams...) but still when I continue I'll update you. Also send me a Pm when your track comes out ^^

7 cause its in the contest

Bah its really good and all...

And for everyone who said they hope you win... SHHHHHHHHHHH, man no one tells me they hope I win... Well i guess thats what comes with skill ^.^

Nice work, Dont win. Dont push me out of the comptetition.

Cool man

Awesome, I can really hear both your influences like OCON said. I can't really say I like the clap, it seemed a bit too loud. But I like everything else!

The snare rolls were quite abundant, but they seemed to work. Usually they seem to crowd a song with too many, but they worked here.

Unlike the first review I like the tempo change, it was a good ending. Although the song just kind of died and ended, with two notes... Maybe if the notes were placed strategically (I dont know what I'm saying) Oh well, everything sounded real cool, and almost medievilish... Nice work, man, glad to see you're back in the music business!

Everlasting-Elements responds:

Yeah man. The clap was a bit loud, but I'm getting better at it.
I dunno, but I just like the snare for some reason in this song. Usually I hate the snare and hi hat, but I got the snare. I don't remember if I put a high hat or not.
The tempo thing is something I like a lot. I just like the effect that it gives to a dramatic song, plus, it takes up seconds so a song is longer XD.
I dunno what you mean the the strategic notes, but oh well.
Thanks for the review man. I'll get to your music soon, promise.

I donno if I'd say drum and bass

Was pretty cool. I like the intro, and that guitar riff is pretty good ^.^ The crash was a little weak though >.> Oh well, it kept me entertained for the duration of the song.

Pelemus-McSoy responds:


I dunno what category it would've fallen into...ah well...glad you liked it!


10 minutes?

Perhaps, you should spend some time on your music before you post ^.^ Are you using the FL demo, cause I recognize all those sounds, but only 10 minutes? come on...


I like the almost 8-bit sounding synth you have there at the start. ^.^

I Did not like the kick... Although powerful, it didnt have enough bass behind it, it was perfect for when the song got going, but when it was alone it was lacking the oomph, had more of a bang than a bam You know what i mean?

I don't like how the song would seem like it was getting going, than would stop and restart over, but once it really started it, it was AWESOME! I loved it. Thats when everything really fit together (except now the 8-bit sounding synth doesnt fit with the melody anymore 8(...) Oh well, it still sounds good... A little random, but full and good. I like the piano! Lots of diversity here!

Although very full, it needs a tad more mastering to accompany it(I know its a pain to do and sometimes it seems like no matter how much you do, you can't get rid of some fuzz).

The only real complaint I have is that kick.... It's too "quick" I guess, it doesnt last long enough... The effect I mean. I love the siren too ^.^

Good work You get my 5 a dl, and a long review from me ^.^ Hey! Review my song "Absolute Zero" it'd be awesome to hear from you on it! Thanks! And keep up the good work!

Karco responds:

Huh. 8-bit? Didn't sound at all like that to me... but with 22 reviews for this song I can't expect them all to be the same, right? =D I can see what you mean, though.

I thought the kick had plenty of bass, etc. going behind it... I know what you mean, more bang than bam, really can't imagine using a low, bassy, etc. kick for this song. Aah well. The song was distorted enough. XD

Yeah, the introduction might have been a bit long... but the section in which I brought in the full percussion for the first time, in between the two "buildup" sections was to give the listener a taste of what was to come... maybe I didn't do that well enough? Huh. I'm trying... my work in progress, Atmosphere, pretty much encompasses everything I've learned since I started and hopefully won't fall back in this area.

Yep, I hope you read some of the other reviews for this song and my responses to them... clarity was a BIG problem. And it's always nice to know there are others out there who suffer similarly... :)

Yep, that siren's awesome. And how it reeverbs towards the end is great, too, considering how that quality made the ending possible, along with a pad or two.

Glad you like it so much! I'll get to your audio page sometime... I don't know if it'll be today or not, I've been fairly short on time lately. But it'll be soon. ;) Thanks for the review!

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