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Theres really not much else to say <3

Been listening to this for a long time and I love it. Incredibly emotional and powerful. I feel like I can say more while listening to this song. I feel almost empowered and I can feel the love that went into this song.

I wish you the best of luck, and although it won't help to say you deserve better (Because I know you loved her) but with you putting forth this much emotion into song, it's clear the amount of love you felt, (and still feel)

Best wishes,


Dj-Flux responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed it and I'm glad it makes you feel that way. :D

I'm still trying my hardest to move on, but that's never easy. I've still got a long way to go.

I'll find the right one for me eventually, it's all trial and error till then. I'll use this experience to my advantage. :]

Thanks much for the review. <3


How would it turn out to be a let down person below me.

We've proven you wrong because it's already on Itunes >8( TAKE THAT.

Anyways, nal, you're awesome for doing this for us, thanks alot!


I can't say I enjoy the opening whistle too much, thats essentially my only real complaint XD

That and the hats were a tad high, making my ears go ow a little (but I have my headphones really loud anyways)

The rest of it was pretty good, it had a nice flow and gave a pretty happy feeling. I'd just say work a little more on transitions and keeping the track moving at the same time. You got the melodies down pretty good, so just keep it up!

I loved the piano type synth that comes inat 1:36 playing the arp btw XD


Crakle responds:

lol Thanks again Envy i agree with the hats lol XD but anyways thanks for the 9 and the review


( i agree with the hi-hats being a bit loud :P)


I loved the intro, but it seemed a bit out of tune, the bass that is. Once it got going it was nice, but the kick was a little loud distorting the rest of the track. Try making a 4/3 hardstyle, I can definately see this in 4/3. I loved the stabs at the start, that was my favorite part.

Again, i don't know tons about hardstyle so I can't give real helpful examples, but the intro sounded really nice.

h4rdstyle responds:

Got to fix my distortion kicks, I'll go find a tut in youtube about that. Don't know what you mean about 4/3 hardstyle probably about the beat? You got to pm me about that lol. :P And I think you helped me allot by just taking time for reviewing me. ;) So thanks!

The thing that got me was the percussion.

The percussion seems to have jumbled up the mix.

Mostly because kick has a long sustain so anything after it gets distorted. I loved the "attack" vox can't lie in saying I'm a bit jealous of it.

Most of what I can offer as advice is the high's are dominating in this track. As bass-score said, a little bit more bass (With my experiences with hardstyle theres never been low bass, but more of a growl)

Can't really comment on much else because I don't make hardstyle so my opinion would be bias.

Nice work, some of the snares seemed a tad random, but it sounded good overall.

h4rdstyle responds:

Yeah my beats are quite distorted because of the kick.. However I don't know how to fix that, I am not that good with producing yet. :P Btw I could send you some of my vocal samples to you if you like! ;D For the rest, I think I'll turn up the bass to the max, and I'll posible change it to a more growling one you say. Also in fact now I hear the song multiple times I see I did wrong with the snares.
I am really thankfull that you helped me sort things out, and correct them!
You helped me more than enough, so your oppinion isn't bias! :P
Thanks for the review!

Awesome dude

I loved the piano work, and the buildup is awesome. So dancey.
The piano definately kicked the whole thing off awesome, although IMO the buildup took a little bit too long for my tastes, but once it got going it was awesome man.

Nice work!


Jo128 responds:

I like this kind of comment haha, Im happy that my piano kicked my song lol.... I think Ill put more piano in my songs. :P

Thank for reviewing.


My review switched over, you sill person you.

xKore responds:



I like the intro. (Even though it's mostly an intro XD)
Gotta say I don't much like the VERY punchy hats, they kind of hurt at higher volumes.
You know how I feel about the ARRRRRRRR lol, ploz take that out and do more of a vocoded voice like "K-kick-that-piiiirate shhhhhhiiiiiit" lol

As for the high pitched lead. EHHHHHHHHHH don't really agree with it, i feel like that would be a better counter-lead. I'd like more of a dirtier lower synth.

And theres one note at 55 seconds it's kinda off-tune. EHHHHHH

Anyways, You told me to tell you what I didn't like totally so I did XD

Nice work overall


Darkerfire responds:



And i mean that kick going BOMBOBMBOBMOBMBOBMBOBMBOLM when it started. Then it got rel gud.

Gd wrk.

I know the name was meant for me btw 8) Love you too


Dont export while the song is playing!

Thats what that little blip of sound is at the start XD

Pretty good, everything is just a little muddy. I know this is kind of old and you've gotten better since then but still, ima bust your balls anyways >8(

Very dreamy man, nice ^^

Fruity loops (Duh), Skiing, Snapple!

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