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Pretty good for a second song. You really need to put some more oomph in your drums... or just put drums in, in general? Work more on creating more of a melody than just putting arps in, (It's cool, but all starts sounding the same after a while.) Nice work on this one though, pretty catchy.

Check out my stuff some time, and tell me what you think ^.^



This song is awesome man! You always amaze me with your percussion man! Even though it sounds like all fl defaults, it's still crazy original. This song was just awesome, it was exciting, it changed up a lot, and it was catchy! Awesome work man! You're definately a HUGE underdog here on the AP. If you had some more people noticing your work, you could be huge! Upload more songs, man!

ListenToMyMusic responds:

It takes me a while to think of new melodies and stuff, that's where I lack. I can't make enough songs to be recognized

Good Bye, Eat Pie


Sounded pretty good except some of the melodies, at the start especially, kind of clashed a little bit.

I have a question, it sounds a lot like you use vanguard... I think I hear the Scream For more synth, and alpha lead and such... Do you? Or are there similar sounds out there (Which I'm sure)

You sound so much like Dimrain it's crazy, except I think you try and keep the basic melody of the song going so it doesn't sound TOO random then simply break off into synth solos here and there... Some of the offbeat stuff was cool, but then again some of it didn't sound too good... But nice work, man.

NightHawk22 responds:

Yeah I used vanguard, but it was not scream, it was the beast.
thanks for the review,

Cool man

Sound's pretty good.

You try to change it up a lot, but starts to sound a little random at some points like you didn't really know where you're going!

There was some clipping when the choir-pad thingy came in but other than that clarity was pretty good.

All I really hear is a kick, no other percussion instruments. Try changing it up with some other instruments.

Other than that it was pretty good

(You may be saying "how can he say it was good after he just said everything bad, but no real good things about it?" The answer to that is, how much do you learn from someone saying "I like that" and how much do you learn from saying "Try putting this there, and putting this type of melody here." You learn a lot more from the second one.)

Archduke responds:

haha, Thanks alot for the review. I wad also pondering making more drum variations, but the place I do this at isn't my house so...kinda limited to what I can do there.

But really, your review was good, it showed some good reveiwingness. haha


I'm very suprised you have not gotten signed yet for a work like this, my friend!

heh, but seriously, what are they all saying?

Was a clever idea, but didn't sound so clever to the ears...

Jarvid responds:

i love you

Too Midi-ish

It almost sounds like you just took the midi, and placed instruments on it... Doesn't sound too much of an attempt to REMIX it.

But it was good nonetheless, catchy melody and such.

Next time try going all out on the remix, adding percussion, change it up a little.

But still not bad.

TMM43 responds:

I was going for a remake rather than a remix.

This talk of a remix inspires me to make one... Thanks a lot for your contribution.

Mastering much?

This song would definately be atleast 25 times better with a little mastering... Its simple, throw a compressor or two in there, to clear it up atleast...

Anyways, the song itself was nice, but was so muddy I wasnt really sure what was going on, it all kinda blended together! But I could really feel alot of effort comin off of it. I espeicially like the triplet melody, and the piano... But again, the mastering kinda threw me off...

You are using FL studio, right? I really like the strings and pads you used... And the plucked sound near the middle was real nice. But again mastering! BLEH, mastering can make or break a song... And in your case, it came damn near to breaking it. Seriously, upload a mastered version, and it would sound like a totally different song. There was a lot of diversity throughout the song though... Oh well, Keep up the good work I guess.

DJ-DaVinster responds:

I guess we should've put a compresser in there, sorry.

Yeah, we were using FL Studio. Thanks for the compliments!

Thanks for the review, I might put a mastered version up here if I have time to compress it.


I wouldnt exactly say rave... its a bit erm... light to be a rave? I guess thats how i can put it... Try using a fruity blood overdrive on the bass, or kick, and arp... Turn the preamp all the way up, and turn down the volume of the blood overdrive to about 1/3 or so, so it doesnt make you go deaf... it will add a huge amount of oomph to everything... Besides that... Try to change it up a little more, perhaps raise the bass up one octave, so it doesnt sound so distorted, and put a slight phaser on it. But thats all entirely up to you...

In the meantime, keep up the good work!

sonicxtreme responds:

thanks for your help


I really liked the breathy start? Did you like record your voice doing that than FX the crap out of it?

When everything starts going, its very spoooky! Should almost be in like a SAW type movie!

OMG it just picked up, with the bass and melody I think that is. Thats freakin' awesome, its so powerful with everything in the backround!

OMG again the spin's whatever theyre called are awesome, very well done! Sounds very professional, man! Although I think it should have had some type of a low frequency bridge, instead of kind of stopping than restarting again. But it's still real good...

Again, it sounds really professional! Its awesome when the squarish lead comes in, everything just sort of fits together... I can really hear the effort flowing from this, it's awesome.

I can also tell if this had been made on my computer, i'd be at 560 cpu.

Loops pretty well too.


I dont usually listen to the heavy metal section, but the whole advertisement thread review thing is in order!

But i actually liked this one!

I love the sound of the guitar, and how calm it is at the start! Its just so nice and calm and everything, than i even like it when it picks up! The only thing i'd have to say is the bass in the backround, you can really hear it distinctly, which I dont think you should be able to hear it that much, but I dont know much about heavy metal. But nice work man, this was pretty cool!

darkkloud responds:

im glad you liked it, i wrote this song when i was 13, and it was difficult for me to remember how to play it, its actually a bit longer then this, but i forgot 2 parts of the song lol, originally though it was without bass, cause my bassist....well...i fired him before i finished the song, so i decided just drums and guitar, but i added bass for this recording.

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