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The beginning is a great way to get someone anticipating a large build up...

But wait, it doesnt explode, it kinda comes in with a bass, kick, and eventually a clap.

I really like the melody, but the panning synth thing or whatever it is does get a little annoying, but it stopped, thats good.

Still waiting for it to explode...

I like the kick going down in pitch as a roll, thats a good idea XD quite original.

Bah Fl presets = no good, try to keep your instrumental choices as ORIGINAL as possible and stay away from just keep the same instrument you pick.

Near the end of the song, the melody kinda gets lossed and you have a quiet synth playing which doesnt really follow the melody.... The hi hat playing on the off beats gets cut toooooo quickly and sounds like its forced...

I know this sounds like all bad stuff but its my form of constructive criticism... it was a good song with a very catchy melody... just a few areas to work on, GOOD WORK!


It almost had an ambient feel to it man. I liked it! Although I'm not a huge fan of sytrus! Especially the celestial preset, and I understand thats the name of your song, but hear me out... Everything was going really smoothly and had a real good feel to it, but when the celestial came in, even though it wasnt for long... I almost kinda lost site of the rest of the song, cause it just sounded so much different from the rest.

Besides that, I loved it! MAKE MORE, NOW! Snare rolls = perfect, Instrument choices (besides celestial) = perfect! 9/10 RAR, take out that celestial and it would be a 10/10 ... But I always give 9's anyways...

DIVERSITY WAS AWESOME, it changed up so much but didnt sound like 167 different songs like other people do with their "diversity" in the songs... Great job, stealth. Keep it up!

Stealth-Emergence responds:

Hey thanks Envy yeh it does kinda have an ambient feel to it, you're not a fan of sytrus? well it's alright it's pretty powerful I gotta steer further away from presets, there was only one or 2 presets in this, thanks for stopping by with a review

Glad you like it!

Peace Out!



Ima do the pros and cons thing again XD

Pros- I like the melody and everything, the name fits the song well. It's very happy and I like very happy! I also like the strings in the backround.
The snare rolls are placed very well XD good job! (Some people overuse or underuse snare rolls or just dont use them at all...)

Cons- that, reverbed clap that goes throughout the whole song on the quarter notes kinda distorts everything.
Also, I think you used FL keys, and FL keys is no good unless you FX the crap out of it to make it sound like a piano and not like a stale fl preset. I really like the melody with it though ^.^

Overall good work, could be a better song, just need to maybe get more familiar with the program? I don't question your melody making ability at all, you seem to be good at that. just maybe practice with different FX and stuff and automations to add tons of flare to your work. (I'm assuming you're using FL?)

Good job! Keep it up!

DJ-DaVinster responds:

Thanks for the review & tips!

& Yes, I am using FL Studio.

Pretty good


I loved the intro, And i feel you brought the melody in well (which was also good)

I also liked the hi hat/cymbals line, it flowed very well.

You had a lot of diversity in the song changing up the melody whenever you could and bringing it back, it was nice.


I Did not like the kick! It was too much bassy... you need a bass for that, not a kick... The kick alot of times is the backbone for the song, and the kick you chose really didnt do the song justice... pick a less bassy kick.

Also one part of the melody I didn't like but thats just my taste. And the main synth "shook a little too much for my liking"

But the only real thing I didn't enjoy about this song was that kick... Change that kick and this is an entirely different song.

Nice work on this BTW

DJ-DaVinster responds:

The reason you probably didn't like the kick was because this is a mix between Gabber, McTrance & Dark Trance. So, if you don't like Gabber, you won't like this song. >w<

Thanks for the review, BTW.

Not bad

Again, need more of a set melody but still not bad... especially for your first song! You will definately get better. (And ignore scores given, newer artists get what I like to call, "the zero voter wave"... Not necessarily newer artists, just if your name isnt "B0UNC3" "Dimrain47" or "ParagonX9" You will experience zero voters all the time... just dont give up! And dont let them get you down! Keep working!

HiniberusDelius responds:

Thanks for trying to uplift me, I thought that no one liked this track but still, thanks a lot.


Needs more of a melody per se... And some of the offbeat notes sound a little, eh... Not placed right? Not too bad, keep working.

HiniberusDelius responds:

Much appriciated with the tutorial I added you on AIM, hope to talk soon.


You sir are god. There is no way you are "New" To this music business. You must play the piano or something. Excellent use of sytrus, my friend. Again, I'm looking forward to seeing great things from you. You are just incredible.


For your first song, this is incredible. I can see GREAT things coming from you in the future. It takes most people a few songs just to even kind of get the feel of music, but it seems like you got it right off the bat. Again, for using all fl presets, this is awesome.

Love it

For some reason most of your songs (mainly this one and Eating Pie) remind me of gears of war... i dont really know why either, it just makes me think of gears of war... which makes me happy XD. Nice work. BTW I added you to the deserving underdog artists on the BBS, hopefully that will get you a little publicity XD.

Go eat some pie, man.

ListenToMyMusic responds:

Hey, thanks alot. I didn't even realize that I had a review here. I'm gonna check your stuff out again



I like the beat of the whole thing and the feel. I cant say the like the synth that comes in... It feels almost ... "dirty" I donno if thats the word i'm looking for. Like the lead in my rush2049 song, it just sounds dirty and almost kinda screws up everything, and theres a part where it sounds a little off key when the notes start changing. But overall not a bad job on this song, just a little repetitive. Try changing it up a little bit, but good job!

I liked the quiet part, but didn't really like the beep during that. especially when it went off beat, cause without an actually beat it just sounded... Off beat. Good job though.

Pulstate responds:

Cheers mate, i didn't mean to add a beep but it was heavily in the back of my mind so i fucked it in for a look, and you see how awful it sounds.

Cheers mate. :)

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