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Neds moar

Low frequency, its all highs right now o>O

loogiesquared responds:

-KEEP IT ²'d


I like this more than the actual song...

Jarvid responds:

I love you more than what you must be like in real life.

Lul at los illuminados

But really on to the song. The buildup was lacking. You should have used a better kick and a quieter hi-hat. Maybe some filters. I don't really like the structure here. It's pretty repetitive.

Lol @ serious responses to these songs.

I lol at the fast cupcakes.

loogiesquared responds:

i'm not done yet, so this, is ANOTHER lul song.


I <3 you so much

loogiesquared responds:

that takes my <3-count up to 6!


More amen break.

ph0ne responds:

Go away.
If you don't like the amen, go away and get raped.

Hey cool stuff here

The bassline is very familiar, overly used but fits nice here!

The melodies sound very nice man, the harmonies are good. Don't really know what to say here! It's a nice easy listen man, flows very well. Good automations, they fit well man. Helps set a good mood.

Nice work!

keep it up!


hotdogwater responds:

thats really cool your song is great also im new on here sooo.......thanks for the good reveiw tell your freinds about my song X )


I must say I wasn't expecting this... Cept when I heard that first note I was all 8D.

The only thing I'd fix is the transitions, they kind of just seems to switch to a new melody... try having short fills or whatnot to connect them, that way it doesn't seem like a bunch of melodies thrown together.

Very driving beat though, nice work.


Bracksta responds:

ya i gave some thought to adding transitions, but decided i just wanted it out. I was a lil in to much of a rush. Thanks for the tip. Next time i will make transitions and be patient. By the way it is an honor to be reviewed by you Envy. i listened to you work today and you are very skilled and patient. Thanks alot for the review man.

Hiya dear!

We'll have to finish this sometime! Maybe over some week-ends because I have a hard enough time finishing my own stuff.

Anyways, welcome to the world of 0 voters and such... I don't know why I'm reviewing here... I'll just tell you all this in person anyways.

I love you!

~Dave (envy)

Desyre responds:

You're responding... cause you're a good boy :)
Thank you for being so patient with this song... perhaps it will turn out ok. And yeah, over the weeks that we get together... we'll have to push ourselves to finish it.

I love you too!


Can't say I particularly enjoyed the intro tons. It sounded nice and all, just wasn't totally my style. I do love the piano (irregardless of it being fl keys... next time add some reverb to atleast try and spice up the fl keys... Thats the vst's fault, not yours 8D)

Although I do like the sort of bridge at 1:09 pretty cool stuff there. I still have to say the piano is my favorite part :D I'm a sucker for it!

Keep it up!



Awesome melodies man 8D i liked them alot. Very upbeat and catchy.

I can hear where I'd put certain fills in some places but thats just my style.

The switch to a new slower melody was nice, a nice break yknow? Everything sort of works together :D I like it.

Only thing I can say was the repeated drum loop got a little old... Maybe a little break from it here and there to keep people interested and not getting repetitive.

(I've found that one of the largest causes of repetition is the beat and how it's used.)

Anyways, nice work here!

Keep it up!


Fruity loops (Duh), Skiing, Snapple!

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