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Better than the original perhaps?

Envy is a fucking choke. I think you're the original creator and he copied you.

Bitch should be b&

Blizzaine responds:

I know right? I'm tired of that guy stealin my shit.

Pretty cool

Sounds pretty awesome :3

Only thing I'd say is try and get rid of that clipping at the start (maybe take out the lows in your lead?)

Other than that, the melodies are pretty sweet, and instead of the sudden increase in tempo I'd slow increase it to give it more of a suspenseful buildup then a stop, drop and BAM.

Try getting a heavier kick and punchier/heavier bass to make this song really kick ass.

Sweet bridge by the way, the quiet supersaw sound in the back at 52 seconds was pretty cool. I'd just work on transitions :3

Overall, pretty sweet song man, keep it up!

X3850 responds:

Thank you! Means a lot coming from you since I really enjoy your music.


You're pretty late on the trend here... The jump on the ~EnV~ train can only be accomplished by mcewthorn

LK412 responds:

You have a big nose man.

Just bored in vent, give me a break, ill remove it.

The song was actually

Pretty bad. I wouldn't have uploaded it or even made it in the first place.

The cymbal at the start is pretty high frequency

Fix that


I love it I burst out laughing at :27.


Love it.

Mcewthom responds:

Thank you... I love you


I liked the piano solo. It was the glue that held the whole piece together.

Mcewthom responds:

Why thank you.

P.S I like glue...

Try changing the time signature to 4/3

Add Daviecrocker196 to your aim, I'll send you a midi I made of the melody, then you can try again XD

Good start ^^

What I personally think the start may have been lacking was some light piano. I really could have heard some very light piano even playing minimal keys, but still playing. After that, the melody is very catchy and easy to bob your head to.

I think you should expand on this, maybe work on the transition to the kick a little more. Once you've got that I can hear some real nice counter-melodies making their way into this. Keep this up! Kathy will be proud :3

DjSc00p responds:

Piano? Hm..ill think about it. I wasn't going to put piano cause i just wanted to start it off like this but maybe it will help, and ill try it out. Yeah, im adding the transitions and stuff later on, and i just want to get the basic format of the song for now :D I'll get to the complex stuff later lol. Counter-melodies? Is that like new melodies based off the first one? But yeah, i hope i can make this song really good and kathy better be prooud! Thanks for the review!

Sweet beans yo

I think you should have done more with the melodic part because it's really catchy. I can see a continuation of this with some high fast melodies going behind the main one :3

Keep it up XD

ph0ne responds:


Fruity loops (Duh), Skiing, Snapple!

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