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DESPITE NOT ASKING ME FOR A BACKSTORY!!!!!!! I still like it, and I like you. I think we done good. yes I do. I spose I should fix the sidechaining a tad, it's a little strong right now.


Blah!!!!!!! Anyways, I LOVE YOU


(See? Thats how it's done!)

Desyre responds:

And how was I supposed to mention it dear? And, I don't know about good... doesn't compare to Envy originals... AND... you didn't offer a backstory... chimchime did >.<


~the luckiest girl in the world~


The first 8 seconds made me go ew.

But the rest was awesome man. The melody was very rob maythy and cool. The counter melody fit perfectly dude. my only issue was it sounded a bit thin o.O

Other than that it was awesome man.


Get rid of that first 9 seconds.

Darkerfire responds:

Bah, you have crappy headphones anyway! xD
(thanks for this forced review lol)

Oh my

I 100% love this song. Not because I love the song of storms (because i do)

Because of your additions to it. The counter melody is probably my favorite part of this whole song. It fills so well with it and just pumps it up. I Love this song, not much else to say.

This song is gonna be one of my few favorites on my list 8D


You lose


You lose

Nice fills.

Eh hem Wildmokey?

Eh hem?

Nice song px9


How were you expecting bad votes and stuff. This was awesome!

The only real complaint I had was the Bass kind of distorted the drums so it sounded kind of like a low rumbling rather than being able to hear them clearly. Too many lows all together.

It all sounded great, the melodies, and the feeling was awesome.

Nice work!



It sounds awesome! I've basically told you all I've thought on MSN and stuff, but I thought I'd leave a review here!

I like the breakbeat at the beginning 8D though faded in I think would have been cool or a quick fill. But it's better than the kick before :D.

The rest is great XenoX, nice work. Keep it up! I'm sure I'll be hearing more from you in the future, and I'll be sure to keep you posted as to my doings 8D.

XenoxX responds:

Woot! thanks a lot lol I tried to make it fade in but I had to keep exporting it over and over again because I left something out and I just was getting pissed so I just posted it. lol Anyways thanks So much for the help and the review.

see ya on MSN :)

XenoxX !

Crazy feel to it

It has such a dark feeling to it. Gives me a whole new view on 4/3 and makes me want to make a style like this. It's awesome man. You did a great job on this man, just make sure not to have all your synths the same volume or they end up drowning eachother out.

Atleast thats sort of what it sounded like to me. Nice work though man. It's definitely energetic enough. Although the bridge seemed to go a little long, i feel like a counter melody in that part would have worked real well... Nice job though man.



I should have posted the clips you sent me and called it my own!!!!!!!

But its too late now I guess 8D

Sweet holmes

This r liek teh poon. First thing I noticed is the mixing. Awesome work on it, though it sounds a tad overly compressed. I donno, it still sounds cool, but that sound makes it sort of small-roomish. I feel like it would have been cooler if it felt... larger? But still, nice work on the mixing, it was very crisp and clean. Just needed to be "larger."

The piano was a real nice touch, it was really clean and calm and perfect for teh trance trackz 8D. And I like when the lead synth comes in at first just like the one measure of it. Although the buildup of the melody was a little bit long for my tastes but then again I don't know trance so there are a lot of things I can't comment on. I feel like it was not used enough. Like if it were me, being the mr mysterio that I am, I'd sort of introduce it filtered during the first part of the song somewhere, THEN go to the piano and introduce it totally.

Drums- not much to say, they sound nice and tight. Sounds good, though again this is a genre taste, some breaks in the drum beat (such as fills or something along those lines) would have been nice, but sounds fine without any. And of course that's my genre, and most likely not trance.

Synth choice- Awesome choices here. They all melt together perfectly to give the effect of a "view" into the future or something. The piano again was awesome. The "ah" or whatever that may have been, might have gotten a little on my nerves, but only when i concentrated on it because then it was all I could hear. The bassline was great, powerful yet original. It's nice to hear the kickbass was not used here (Kick-bass-kick-bass etc) Though you won't be hearing a change in that from me >8( so don't ask.

This may be one of the better trance songs on this site quality and contents-wise.

Btw, I just really listened to the little sine-type thing playing in the backround at the start, and it's really cool.



xKore responds:


A lot of peoples have been saying that it sounds overly compressed, I did not personally compress it, maybe I need to widen the stereo or tone down on the sidechaining or something.

I felt like using the saw in the start but I'd tried that before with different tracks and when I listen to it it feels like I already grown tired of it by the time it really is introduced, but that was when I was a nub, so yeah I dunno, might've sounded better.

Yeah more fills, I get where your coming from there. I was overly focused on getting things syncopated well and eq'd good that I forgot to put any real work into making original fills. Could've done with some, especiialy in that long intro.

The 'ah' sound was from a pad sound from Nexus which I tried filtering just to get the sparkling sound it gave at the top end, I tried getting as much tonal sound I could out of it but couldn't get it out fully without muting it completely :(

I try to keep away from an offbeat bass rhythm, although it gives a lot of fullness, I try to make my own rhythms that leave gaps so it sounds more grooved and jumpy, and make up for the fullness in the pads.

Thanks for the looooooooooooooong review mr mysterio envyson. u r teh poonorz thanks. :):):):)

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