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Student. Brah.

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Comments (28)

Fo sho. Does it have to be female or can it be male ?

By the way. I noticed you changed your blurb thing. No more girlfriend ?

12 measure song ftw.

Lol i just started it, I just have the melo and buildup as you can see

And why are all of your taskbars separated like that? Doesn't that annoy you?

Not in the least bit

Lol nal, everyone ask him that haha.
But why don't you change a skin?

Btw did you add that "Here we are" thingy that I told you about?
Good luck with the song, it rocks!
Let me sing!!!!
Wait, that will ruin the song XD....

Lol all my taskbars look like that too, now i just get annoyed when they are together...

Male or female? If male i can help you out ;) I have a friend that has an amazing voice, and im not just saying that!

Good luck on finding a singer ;)

I heard it, and I hate it.

Sorry try harder next time noob.

Lolol I thought you were talking about here we are!

I beg you dont use vocals in your upcoming songs. "Endurance" is much better than "Come home" becouse you used vocals. Believe, your gonna lose some fans if you put vocals in it. I already counted 5 people who are about to remove you from there favo artist list if you keep using vocals.

People are that touchy? I can't help what my interests are, so I say thanks to them having me on their favorites in the first place. It will be sad to lose some, but hopefully I'll gain some new ones in the process.

But how bout this. If I do upload it to newgrounds, I'll upload a vocals version and a non vocals version?

Wow "oh no he is gunna juz vox!? AAHMAGAWD! >8("... keep using vocals Envy, seriously... Everywhere and Come Home (exept for the lazyness on the vocal intro x)) is your top two songs, keep it up ;) Btw way to ignore my previous comment!


<------- Yay i can see it again on your picture, what a beasty!!!!!

<3 just for you

i wish i could help,but i can't sing:(

I'll sing, I have the voice of an angel....

USE vocals, come home was totaly fantastic, one of best songs on NG!!!

It sounds much more proffesional vith voc.

And when is next song comming out? I can&acute;t wait!

I&acute;d like to have as epic skills as you. :( anyway, I&acute;m getting better and better


I agree with Vexagon, i prefer songs without vocals. I think that it is a good idea to upload a vocal and a lyric version of songs and everyone will be happy.
I really like your futur song and i think it can be good without vocals to.

i need a shit well bad

&quot;Andas&quot; is perfect. Doooood, how much money do you get if I buy that song? 0.25 cent? :D

im sorry i cant sing too well,
do you need male or female?
and what programm do you use?

He uses FL Studio, and he said something about 80 cents, though I'm not sure, check it out on the 18th post O.o

Looks like some sort of explosion happened in your FL top bars....

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