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Comments (15)

You should finish your jump song =]

Env, its colb, call me before you post the final version of Imagination, i have some ideas that you might want to incorporate....

Blah, your ideas take too much work

It's essentially finished, and your ideas are like... Put a new part at 35 seconds... What you dont realize is if I move the stuff over to put a new part in, I have to also move some 30 automation clips after, and things can get screwed up VERY easily. It's going to stay about the same, with LITTLE changes.

But I'll listen to your ideas anywho, maybe I'll like some

maybe go play games with me xD

Haha, I don't play FPS's anymore these days. Not since i quit playing counter-strike.

Remix a classical song.

mmmm, too much going on in classical songs to understand. You cant show that amount of emotion with dance music.

Yeah! finish your jump song! \o/

Still waiting to hear back from someone about that... My birthday present, he's mixing it for me >8( But he still hasnt finished... i think he just stopped 8(

Birthday? Yeah! I like cakes! xD

And now Envy ? Mix ? New Music ?

I Wait.. xD

Haha you're gonna be waiting a bit cause I'm on a break.

I have an idea make an album of some sort and make song that deal with a certain subject kind of like a story but in music style it would be awsome after all the songs you made.


Hm, a song that tells a story... I like that idea. XD Works better for classical but that would be an original electronic idea... <3

after this song.... what to do what to do.... well you could get a job and stop claiming my taxes that would be a start !

claiming your taxes? o.O How so! How am I claiming taxes I'm not in retirement or in poverty... Besides I'm goin for a job tomorrow :D Meathouse baby.

Killer tracks dude, how long have you been using FLStudio?

-Morgan King

a couple years now

I guess your one of those people who takes ages on their songs (like B0UNC3). It pays off though, your songs are awesome!

Well its not that I take ages on a song... I take ages finding something I like (I make like 410401041 songs a week and usually only like one and will continue only with that one)

I'd like to hear a full version of Extinction :) (Unless there was one and I missed it :P)

whats up with extinction! I hated that song I cant make DnB!


What programs do you use besides FL?

Just FL and various VSTs


Get a record deal.

haha i wish >8(

But for now its a hobby. Thx