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New Project

Posted by Envy - June 11th, 2008

For the past several weeks I've been working on another project... It's close to being finished now, So i thought I'd post a screenshot.

(I love posting screenshots now)

New Project

Comments (23)

huh, no comments?
Oh u just posted this like 4 hrs. ago. My bad! :P

ahh everything looks so complicated and awesome it must be awesome! :D

wish I could understand all that stuff =/

I think he's not using FL8. *mocks an expression of shock*
So, what's this one gonna be called?

Look closely at the top left it has the name of the project there.


Heaven Rd 3?!¡?!!?¡1!


btw how r u doing with "Fobia"? ;D

Going to be honest, havnt touched it since I posted the demo :D Been to busy with this one.

Lots of automation Clips :P

You are the best.

Yes, now touch me.

Mmmm *touches*
Now you do me.

Could someone tell me the name of this program? PLEASE PM ME!!!!!!

Fl studio 6 is what Im using in the ss

garthvad3r *sigh* look at the top left.
this is problably the most used program on newgrounds and its called Fruity Loops.

anyways at envy:
Why did you switch back from bar thingies up and clips down?
because it was the most friggin useless addition ever in FL!!
WHY would we atually use it? it just get crammed with all the other automation clips. ah well i havent switch it back yet. automation clips up are kinda funny.
btw, with what are you making the screenshot? just the printscreen button or camtasia ( or something alike ).?


Bar thingies up and clips down? I dont understand what you mean there.
The screenshot is simply print screen and paste it into paint :D

What program do you use?

FL studio 6

I think it's obvious you've made this in Paint.


I did it so that you guys would think it was me making music 8(

Can't wait for the song! Man I can't get my FL to work ever since I got this really bad virus.... FL thinks its the demo version.. I have the cd but its totally fucked up beyond belief and I have no idea how to crack FL they do stuff different than most stuff with the serial code. Which I have. I just don't know how to put it in to make my version regular.. Damn

It's awesome because it's a foreign thing to me, making good music. All my music is aweful.
Btw, looks complicated.

lol Envy your a huge pattern whore lol :)

Haha its up to 198 patterns i think now.

you whore those patterns...but yeah what the hell kind of processor are you using because I don't think my computer can comprehend the amount of patterns you whore

An amazing one I guess

Dual core 2.31 ghz?

Do you reall need all those patterns and automation clips?
If i would make something in that amount of patterns and clips. it would end up in pure choas...

Well I add them according to how far along in the song I am... The first 50 or so are intro, then so on and so forth so I know what I'm doing.

Well you can probably 'recycle' some stuff right?
If you know what im saying.

Probably but I wouldn't know where to begin.



Wow, this is going to be awesome. On a side note it's kinda hard to read what's at the top right corner, so I just right-clicked and checked the properties :)


dude i wish so bad that i knewhow to do stuff on fruitloops. all i can do is make a simple beat. but this screenshot looks incredible! i cant wait till it comes out

Wouldn't it be a good idea to give your patterns some Names? :p
If you have so many patterns that seems useful :p

too late now :D

That rocks, all your songs rock.
The screenshots don't help me, because I stll don't understand much of it, just like the one of imagination, but that doesn't matter, IT LOOKS COOL :D
Oh and I really like your new user picture :D

Thanks I like it too :D

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