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Vocalized Song

Posted by Envy - June 27th, 2008

Finally, I convinced my girlfriend to sing a song for me. So, she wrote the lyrics and after I buy a good mic we can start recording her beautiful voice and make the song!

Well, since i don't have the vocals yet I've decided to sort of start the song since we went over notes, so I made a rough melody and such for what I want in the song...

That can be found Here

Comments (53)

Exciting! Good luck with the recording, that might be the hardest part, since you've got the music done pretty well!

That and my girlfriend is a perfectionist >8(

But we'll get it!

Thank you for telling me about that website!

No problemo!

Expanding your horizons!

Always great to know you're working on covering more ground and improving your work. If more people actually cared about what they did, world might be a better place. Might being the key word there, of course XD

Wow, that melody is so cool! I love how you build up your songs, and with the lyrics... that's going to be sick!
When do u think it's done?

Well, I need to get a mic for it, and then she needs to sing it and that should take a while. I'll probably get the mic sometime next week, so maybe it will be a month or two.

you take a long time to make a song lol, i would get bored after a day, most i ever used for a song was 2 days

The longer, the more mistakes you catch 8D

Wow, sounds like it is going to be pretty good! :D
I'm not really into vocals but I bet since your making it I'm still gonna have ear orgy :D Good Luck :D

Love the automation clip addiction.

Hopefully we'll get a preview of the song with vocals soon?

Vocals is gonna take the longest.

I keep forgetting to ask on msn, where do you get your vocals? I need some :P

My girlfriend wrote the lyrics and she's going to sing them :D

I feel all special because I have a longer version than what's posted... of course, mine is just so I can practice vocalizing... hehe :)

Hey just wondering what music program do you use?
And by the way great music

PLZ keep it with this single song ;( most artist on NG are being distracted by vocals... while ur songs (without vocals) OWN!

Complete melo 14 btw ;)

Lol well it's my girlfriend so I don't really have to seek her out for vocals.. It's easier for me 8D

Hey dood! Remember me? ^^

I just wanted to ask: with so many patterns, clips, vsts and stuff, how do you manage to keep your PC lag down???

Cause everytime I want to use many Vsts for a long and complex song, the program lags to much, so.....how?

My Pc just dominates I guess... But Heaven rd. 3 fucked up my pc. It was incredibly hard to work on, near the end.


I don't have to sing if you as a fan would prefer! Envy just... really wants me to...

Hmm...well maybe I dont have enough RAM...who knows, I only got 1GB you? Oh and btw which computer do you use and how many VSTs were used for H Rd 3? ^^

dood, i broke the pony you gave me, do you still have the recipt?

noe 8( sorry

I listened to it again, and does she say: "This is the first time on youtube"
at 0:08? xD L0L

"This is a new style of music"...

Which is kind of ironic 8D

I can't wait to hear the final product :D It's 33 seconds and I want that song so bad lol. One thing that is sure is that the day it comes out, it goes on my MP3.

Good job :D

Haha I need to get a mic first! Then production on it can begin again.

Hm, I'm looking forward to this. Its not often that you hear female SINGING vocals in a hard-ish dance song thing, or however you classify your music!

Knowing you, it'll probably rock! ;D

8D hey thanks nav!

:D I need to get a mic, then we'll se how it's going

Can we see the lyrics? :)

I dont know them off the top of my head, but the name is Set Me Free.

Those are the last 3 words in the lyrics

I was driving in my dad's car fucking blasting Imagination(NG) with the windows open at 8:30 pm, and everyone was out walking their dogs and the looks people were giving me were priceless lmao...

New song sounds awesome with just the background vocals you have now, can't wait.

Heheh i can't either, Gotta wait till tomorrow, maybe make a best buy trip for the mic.

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