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Melo 16

Posted by Envy - September 20th, 2008

Alright, Melo 16 is on the border of being finished.

All i need is some finishing touches, and of course a name!

So! Go ahead and talk amongst yourselves to figure out a name! I think i'll be holding a sort of contest for the name. You guys submit names, I'll pick my 5 favorites, then I'll post them in a news post and you guys vote on them! Sound good? Good!

So! Get creative!

Comments (32)

The Amazing Dance of the Underpants

...No? cant really think of a name without hearing the song to see what fits it :)

Listen to the previews!

Demo 1 has the first half
Demo 2 has part of the second half

I get this vibe from the song like a fighter is still fighting, or a traveller keeps walking onward. I think "Endure" or something like that would fit... :]

OOOOOOH I like endure

... or "Stamina" haha~

thats good too 8D

call it statutory rape

Hmmm this has got to be a finalist

I would say 'Swagger' or 'Pressure Point'. Those are my suggestions. But whatever the name, its going to be awesome. XD

Ooh those sound cool XD. Something with pressure perhaps.

Ok ok i listened to the demo's.. dont expect a good name from me though lol, i somewhat lack imagination... but.. hmmm

Crimson Thrust.. dunno why this comes to mind lol
Blast Bounce comes to mind as well lol.. i dunno :/

Okay *doesn't expect good name*

"I think i'm losing my touch"..... or maybe "I'm getting worst"..... or possibly "what if I can never make a good song again?"

Or just nice and simple "my 2 new demos show how bad i'v now become"

09/21/08 Still hasn't contributed anything to the site, so here's an advertisement:

Oh wait you still have authority. Why are you even checking my page if you dont care about me?

You sir need something else to do.

First thing that came to mind:

Dancing On The Horizon

Hope that helps!

umm. Maybe . slow sunday?

Just Start.

ok here's a good one...

Mr T ain't gettin' on no plain Foo!

you like? i think it sounds good!

or or or-
Dancing Naked Around A Fire!!
Oh yeah thats a great one is that! ... :)

sorry for my insanity, its 4:29 AM, been playing spore for aaages lol

ok next time il spell "plane" right.. anyway goodnight my young master

Cadbury eggs

okay okay okay what about this name "exodus" or maybe "breath"

I work in the meat house.


I'm sorry.


ur comments area fills up quickly :C

Ye its what sexiness gets me

Cool. And Melo 23?

lol gimme time

"Ye its what sexiness gets me"

....AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! ohhhhhohohoho! *hugs*

lol 8D

how about get ur body movin?

names already up 8(

how about Exodus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

names already up 8(

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