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Posted by Envy - February 23rd, 2011

So the comeback thing didn't work out as planned. I got swamped with exams real quick.

However I've got a question for what you'd like to hear for a song, as I've got a few things that I recently started and want to know what to continue with.

-Should I go with something similar to my old style (handsupish yet dancey)

Dancey For some reason the filters are all fucked up at the start of it... Funny thing is I've been "finished" with this track for about a year now, I've just been touching up on it here and there... Should I submit it?

- Finish the track I talked about last news post (I actually hate it now so it's tough...)


- Finish a psytrance track I recently started


- Finish a liquid DnB track I touched upon


- Start something completely new (you'll have to give me suggestions and examples because I'm not sure what else I could do with the amount of time that's available to me)


Lol i know this isn't anything different I just had nothing different to show -.-



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I'm also fond of doin' drum&amp;bass :3

Haha, you are awesome, and I wondered where I had seen your username before.
Turns out an awesome game ( mostly because of your music imh[umble]o ) is &quot;Music in Motion&quot;.
Everything you linked to in this post is amazing, and my favorite was &quot;Castle in the Sky Remix&quot;. I think this sounded the bestest.
I am glad I clicked on your news post, I hadn't heard that track ( &quot;Heaven Rd 2&quot; ) in over a year.
also, garbage whistle, wth, you are a mod. For shame. :)

Scratch &quot;Castle in the Sky Remix&quot; , please, and insert &quot;Castle in the Sky&quot;.
I thought the filename *demox.mp3 said *remix.mp3. My bad.

You're still right though. It's a remix :3

Can't see myself finishing it though because I haaaaaate the vocals.

the first one sounds the best but curious to see how your liquid turns out.

also bonerpie

I was just gonna say if xKore comes on here and says bonerpie I don't know what I'll do...

I still dont.

hmm, that psytrance was tickling my ovaries pleasingly.

like sperm lol


Better than Metal

First one.

That castles in the sky remix is the one by DJ Satomi or by Ian Van Dahl?

DJ Satomi

My god, all of them are great, but i'm looking forward the most for the D'n'B one.
Any clue, when you could finish it?

You SOOOO need to make a Heaven Rd. 4!!! It needs to start like Heaven Rd. 3 and in the middle have something more like Heaven Rd. 2. You should end it like Heaven Rd. 3 with the word &quot;Caution&quot;. It sounds so cool! I love Heaven Rd. 2, Heaven Rd. 3 is pretty good, and Heaven Rd. 1 is OK. But they're all good! =^)

To be honest - i love virtually all your music, but I would have to say that I really really want you to finish and share the first track (Dancey) and afterwards the second (Hatethis).

I need those tunes!!!!!!

1. Dancey
2. Somethingold
3. Psytrance

I'm a sucker for your energetic songs :D

OMG OMG Are you actually listening to me? I told you how to make Heaven Rd. 4 and the preview on YouTube sounds like exactly what i said! Holy f@%k!!!

I'd go with either the Psytrance or the DnB song (I'm quite partial to DnB).

Hey what program do you use to make these songs? (particularly Heaven Rd. 2-4 and Bestammelse) I really want to do something similar but all I know how to use is GarageBand (which kind of sucks). Please tell me what program you used!!!

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My personal opinion would be, go with what you think, I've listened to a few of your songs and I think you're doing an excellent job at making the music you do, if anything I would go outside the box a bit and re-invent yourself, try something you've never done, i'm sure the results(after listening to some of your songs) i'm sure it will be spectacular, from what i've learned in my short time with music and FL studios, theres always room for improvement, but it's all based on what you intend to create as an artist, not to advertise myself, but I'd rather make music that's outside of the standard genres, again it's all about creating what you feel musically, i'm sure things will work out, you're a talented artist and I appreciate what you've already made! let the music take you to wherever it sees fit