2012-08-16 00:10:29 by Envy

Sup bbgurls I just finished my first track pretty much all summer wooh. Finally got my ass in gear to get working. Check it out Here!

Also make sure to favorite this guy on Soundcloud!

Love and kisses <3


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2012-08-17 02:12:07

Hey man, I really enjoy your music. Keep it up.


2012-09-15 15:45:31

Any tips on how to become as awesome as you?

Envy responds:

I like to start out by applying shoe shine underneath my eyes like I'm a baseball player in the mornings. The rest kind of falls into place from there.


2012-09-25 06:43:50

ENVY! I was going and getting all nostalgic over old tracks I used to listen to on Newgrounds back in '07, including Heaven Rd.
Gotta say, I'm glad I came back to your page. I'm even MORE glad that you're still active and making music (what the hell happened to API?).
Your music is still as amazing as ever <3


2012-10-06 13:59:36

I really enjoy your music! Keep up the good work! I have a feeling that your music seems to improve my bowling since I listen to it during my league lol :)


2012-10-08 15:00:53


Im a 18 year guy from Norway. Been to school for 13 years, and because of that all 18 years old studs have a big graduation party, called RUSS. Just search on it google. Im on a bus, with 28 other studs, and we have bought our one bus and gonna compete against all other russ in norway. Im just wondering if u are keen to make a song for my crew? U could send a teaser and if we like it u would get paid about 2500 dollars $. I really like ypur heaven song the impossible game, if u could make something like that, that would be sweet man!!

my email is:

best regards


2012-11-10 08:52:39

The untitled tease was so mean! >: D