I need your vote!

2013-01-29 20:41:27 by Envy

Just recently finished a song and submitted it to Spinnin records to be considered to be signed to one of their labels. I need your help!


Vote for me there!

Also don't forget to like my Facebook page

and follow me on Soundcloud!

Thanks so much!


P.S. If you don't wan't to vote here's the Link to the song


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2013-01-31 03:40:06

youre definitely better than the guy in 1st lol, voted.


2013-01-31 17:39:26

Be nice, and vote Envy!!! :D


2013-02-03 15:25:42

You have so much talent and deliver such quality music that I don't understand why you have to be "voted" into a label. Your music should just be accepted hands down and I'm sure there are plenty of other big labels out there who'd be happy to release your tracks under them. Anyways, I voted for your track. But I'm just saying, after listening to you for the past 7 years, you deserve to be up there with the rest of the stars of EDM.


2013-02-17 01:29:27

I agree with NIGHTkilla. And ive never heard your type of music untill i found you. Do you get insperation/Ideas from anywhere or do the just appear? btw i voted


2013-02-21 15:05:22

+1 Vote, best music maker EVER!


2013-03-05 08:38:37

I voted, good luck! You deserve it!! :)

Although I looked at a couple of the top songs, and this one was pretty awesome!:

https://soundcloud.com/dj-dekster/deejay-dekst er-hope-original