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Fruity loops (Duh), Skiing, Snapple!

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Student. Brah.

University of New Hampshire

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Thanks for the awesome tracks :P It'll keep me busy while you're gone :)

MMM i'll be around, just not posting moosacks

:0 :( :) ^^ 8D :p :P 8) 8( 8$ ^_^ =( =) XD XP X( X) ;0 ;) ;( ;o XO ~_~ ^_~
^~^ X_X X.X >_> <_< -_- 0_x BD @_@ *_* #_# >:( >:) :`-) :`-( :-( :-) <3 >_< ^_> <_^ +_+ D: :C :D :I >:I =I :I 8I :[ ]: :{ }: ^-^ c: :c C: X3 ;_; :_: ;-; 0_0 o-o O-O O_o o_O o_o 8_8
thats all i can think of
that was very on topic
i bet this is going to have a lot of comments if you dont make a new post in like 2 months or something

Maybe, maybe not 8D We'll see

MUCH BETTER... and when I get home... I'll give you lots of inspiration :) hehe... LOVE YOU BABYFACE :D

lol i love you too

stop callin meh babyface 8(


You mean the kinda break where a DJ mutes everything except percussion for an amount of time only to build up so the track can hit back at full force right?

Yes yes that kind of break

Ah ok a break is sometimes the right thing to do, just load up some awesome ideas! But dude, you HAVE to continue your Chaoz Fantasy remix, really, i think it beats the original, to be honest i think the melody in that song slides right into the pants of the dance genre. Really, so, continue it! BYE! Oh dude btw if you check out my music i would basicly shit my pants in exitement, so yeah... Cu! Oh btw when i shit my pants over something, its awesome, so yeah...

Eh, Well you deserve a break xD... Taking your time with it and paciences makes perfection :D

Hope your back soon though :3

Take as much time as you need though ;o

The worst part of any vacation is knowing that it's only for a short amount of time.

But, if you enjoy doing this, eventually the vacation isn't so appealing.

Have a good one.

i would only hope you still would do 2 things
1. helping your girlfriend finishing star crossed
2. posting your chaos fantasy demo again
if you could, plz do that before your break

then i wish you a nice break :)
i thank you for al the songs you made already!
and hope to see you after the unknown during break

Aaaawww. I really like your music, but if you wanna take a break thats fine with me.

Lol glad I have your permission XD

idk i have followed you for like since heven rd2 and like idk if you come back with nothing mabey heaven rd4 as an experement/ remix of another song? ur sngs like work better than energy drinks man o.O

Let's hope you get your spark back then, from the evil demons of hell ^^

I really like your piano work in Melo 23, I hope you get to finish that one! :]

i thnk u shud maek heavens road 5 pls

ima skip to 8

i hate you

I love you

hey, you're my fav artist, and i love listening to your songs. im just startingfruty loops and i was wondering what plugins do you use for your songs cause the preset ones are decent but songs still sound kinda bland. Can you please help me out, and do you have any pointers to give a newbie?

Plx maek moar traence plx...

Try downloading sum new stuff for your music collection. Thats how I get inspired.

Let me know when you've finished Heavens Road 13

That may be a few weeks 8/

hello there Firedemon666

XD Thats so old 8D

Make a remix of Typhlanar's Ignition!

Jk, but go ahead if you want.

A hate song by that guy

<a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/180030">http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/180030</a>

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