Envy's News

Possible Break

2008-10-03 16:29:21 by Envy

Well... The writers block hasn't left yet. So I think I'm going to take another break... Who knows how long it will be. Maybe a month or so. I just can't come up with anything anymore so... We'll see if my spark comes back, if not 8/ I donno.

See you again in a month maybe!

Melo 16

2008-09-20 22:38:11 by Envy

Alright, Melo 16 is on the border of being finished.

All i need is some finishing touches, and of course a name!

So! Go ahead and talk amongst yourselves to figure out a name! I think i'll be holding a sort of contest for the name. You guys submit names, I'll pick my 5 favorites, then I'll post them in a news post and you guys vote on them! Sound good? Good!

So! Get creative!

Vocalized Song

2008-06-27 17:05:11 by Envy

Finally, I convinced my girlfriend to sing a song for me. So, she wrote the lyrics and after I buy a good mic we can start recording her beautiful voice and make the song!

Well, since i don't have the vocals yet I've decided to sort of start the song since we went over notes, so I made a rough melody and such for what I want in the song...

That can be found Here


2008-06-25 11:48:26 by Envy

Well, I woke up this morning to find this, and lets say I was quite pleased!

Thanks for the top 5 guys!

p.s. and thanks for helping me beat out PX9 for the number 1 spot 8D

Thats an accomplishment for me 8D


New Project

2008-06-11 21:19:01 by Envy

For the past several weeks I've been working on another project... It's close to being finished now, So i thought I'd post a screenshot.

(I love posting screenshots now)

New Project


2008-05-29 13:27:44 by Envy

Wooh Screenshots of imagination :D


Heaven rd 2

2008-05-28 21:09:04 by Envy

Ok... For all of you who continually tell me MY OWN SONG is stolen. Here's a screenshot of the flp... So Shut up already!

Gah, I donno how people can say it sounds the same as the original considering I MADE THE ORIGINAL. If you're talking about DJ sammys song, that sounds NOTHING like mine so chillax. I just happened to have chosen the same name...

For anyone who downloads the original, I had the name saved as "staircase" I don't know why. I changed it to heaven when I uploaded it.

Hopefully this clears up any confusion.

And the Rd. Is supposed to stand for Round, cause it was the second time I visited heaven so heaven round 2... But you can say road if you like. My friend fights with me telling me its road when I named the song o.O

Heaven rd 2


2008-03-26 21:44:55 by Envy

OKAY! Imagination is nearly finished.

What!? Envy finished a preview? No way!

Yes way!

I'm just making small changes here and there now, paying attention to little details.

It should be up within the next week or so.

After this song... I donno wtf to do... Any ideas? Apart from remixes... remixes are too much work for non originals.


2008-03-17 20:14:16 by Envy

Needed to make a post because the weekend has come one was old...


But dont feel insulted if I dont respond right away/at all, as I am a very busy person.

Weekend has come?

2008-02-20 19:17:30 by Envy

I've been working on and off on this weekend has come remix for a long time... I've put it on newgrounds once and it got destroyed by 0's so I decided to take it off... I've made some changes to it, and am trying to decide whether or not to put it back on...

So the question is... Should I?